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[Beyond PlayStation] Volgarr the Viking Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Volgarr the Viking Review

Volgarr the Viking from aptly named Crazy Viking Studios is a hardcore 2D action platformer on Nintendo Switch you have to check out. Find out why in our Volgarr the Viking review!


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Volgarr the Viking took me by surprise: it is a BRUTALLY DIFFICULT game! One false move can screw up your run since every hit from your enemies will deal the same damage to you, being able to kill you in that one hit if you’re not wearing any protective armor! This one is definitely not for the casual market since just beating a level and its boss will require a lot of hard work and will feel like quite the achievement. o tackle the challenge? Do you dare to beat the game? Let’s discover more about the game.

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Volgarr the Viking looks and feels like a game made in the 1980s. The game is a love letter to the difficult games of that era, back when there was no ability to save your game progress. You see, way back then most games had to be finished in one sitting, or else you’d have to start all over again. Nowadays things are considerably different thanks to manual or auto saves, or being able to suspend our gaming session to carry on exactly where we left off, as is the case for the Nintendo Switch.

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During your adventure you will constantly be attacked by enemies coming towards you from left and right as you try to carefully walk and jump through each area to avoid the many traps that are just as dangerous as your enemies. In this adventure you will die a lot. Like, a lot lot. I ended up dying around 20 times during my first hour with the game due to how the armor system works. You have a rubbish shield that can only withstand two hits from enemy projectiles before it is gone, but you can upgrade it by finding a treasure chest that will grant you a magical mirror that will also power-up your spears. Spears can be used as a long range attack or thrown at walls so that you can then use them to reach places that are too high for your regular jump.

You also have your trusty sword for some close melee combat, which is how you’ll be dealing with most of the game’s enemies and bosses! If you can find several treasure chests in a row without being hit, then you can end up getting a fire sword that, along with looking very cool, will also deal double damage to enemies and bosses. But if you’re hit even once, you’ll lose the sword and part of your protective armor.

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The game does have checkpoints, but they are very few and far between since they only activate at the start of a level’s section. Since each level has two section, that means you get a checkpoint at the start of the whole level and another one at the second section that leads up to the boss fight.

The rumble on the Switch is pretty fantastic and effective, allowing you to feel every successful block or when you throw a charged spear that deals considerable damage to enemies. Speaking of that one, this one features an in-game achievement system that includes objectives such as using a charged spear to kill four enemies at once, getting the fire sword, obtaining a warrior spirit, completing any world without losing a piece of equipment, completing the game and more.

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Volgarr the Viking will demand a lot of patience from you. You will need to learn a level’s layout and enemy placement before you can make any real progress in your adventure. It’s a challenging release, but if you stick with it you will be able to persevere and complete this great adventure on the Nintendo Switch. The game’s graphics, music and gameplay mechanics pay homage to games from “back in the day” and does so in style. If you’re looking for a hardcore 2D release on Nintendo Switch, then this will definitely scratch that itch.

This Volgarr the Viking review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Crazy Viking Studios.


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Solid hardcore action platformer