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[Beyond PlayStation] JYDGE Review

[Beyond PlayStation] JYDGE Review
  • On November 28, 2017

Review Overview

Fun twin-stick hectic shooter


JYDGE from 10tons is an action-packed twin-stick shooter now available on Nintendo Switch. Check out our JYDGE review to learn more about it!


In JYDGE you are tasked with protecting Edenbyrg by building your own JYDGE to eradicate crime by any means necessary. You’ll be able to tailor your experience by augmenting your JYDGE as you modify your powerful rifle and select the companions that best suit your needs. There are a ton of potential combinations thanks to all the available options, so no two JYDGE will be the same!

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Since this is a twin-stick shooter, you’ll move around with the left analog stick and aim with the right analog stick. You’ll then get to shoot with the ZR button or melee with the L button if someone gets too close for comfort. You can reload with the B button in case you run out of ammo, and you’ll be able to use items with the A button if any are available and needed.

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The first stage you play will serve as a tutorial so that you can get used to the game’s controls as you kill criminals, confiscate their money and rescue hostages. It will be a very short stage that setups the start of the upgrade cycle – you know, once you use your money to purchase a lab from which you can cyberware, upgrade your health, customize your weapon and more. You’ll need to obtain medals during each stage you play since medals and money are needed to make the most of your JYDGE.

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Medals are awarded for completing the corresponding requirements during each missing. These include rescuing the hostages, looting all containers, exiting a stage within a set time limit, not taking any damage, eliminating the leader, etc. Once you complete a story arc, you will gain access to the next difficulty setting for the set of levels for said arc, and the new difficulty setting will also have three medals for you to collect. Along with being increasingly more difficult, each new difficulty setting will also change the placement of enemies and objectives so that you can get a new experience.

JYDGE features fifteen in-game achievements to obtain, with objectives such as obtaining three medals in a single mission in any difficulty setting, rescuing 50 citizens, completing each of the story arcs, completing the game, purchasing all cyberware, purchasing all weapon mods, finding all collectibles and more.

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JYDGE is a very fun and hectic twin-stick shooter on Nintendo Switch with bite-sized stages, making it perfect for regular gamers and for speedrunners alike. There are plenty of objectives to complete, a ton of cyberware enhancements and weapon upgrades to unlock and purchase, and millions of potential combinations for you to customize your JYDGE’s loadout.

This JYDGE review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by 10tons.