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[PlayStation 4] Shoppe Keep Review

[PlayStation 4] Shoppe Keep Review

Shoppe Keep is a shop management simulator now available on PlayStation 4. Learn more about this quirky release in our Shoppe Keep review!


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In this game, you get to make all decisions for running a shop, wrapped up in an RPG theme. When I booted up the game and start to play, I was a bit overwhelmed with everything you can do in the game. Once I got the hang of things and got my store up and running, I began to have fun as I tried to earn a profit – which is what all shop owners should aspire to achieve!

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You will do everything you would expect to do in an actual shop in the real world, from sweeping the floors and doing general housekeeping work to replenishing your stock and expanding your store so that you can increase the number of products on offer. As with any retail outlet you can expect plenty of customers who come in and try and steal your stock. Sure, you can end their existence for being so bold, but it won’t deter thieves from coming and trying to steal from you again, so you better be ready!

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When you first begin, your stock will be limited and so will your customer variety, but as you keep completing a vast array of quests you will unlock a bigger selection of stock to sell, and with that comes with a much wider variety of customers! You will need to continue keeping your shop neat, clean and free of vermin, or else you might lose your clients and ruin your run!

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Before you start each business day, you will have time to build your shop layout, but once you open for business no changes can be made until the end of the day. It will take a few in-game days to start feeling the benefits of your work, not to mention unlocking a few skills as you level up. For an indie game, the amount of content is quite impressive. Not only are you running a store, but you also do gardening and create mechanical support staff! Eventually you will be able to sell stock for specific classes like rogues, druids, warriors, etc., so you’ll need to stock the proper items for your clients to go out on adventure!

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Because of the lack of a proper tutorial the game might feel overwhelming for those who have never played a simulation game. The game was originally released on PC and, as is usually the case for PC to PS4 ports, the controls are not as ideal as you’d want them to be. This is not a deal-breaker since I managed to have fun with the game despite the way the controls are setup, but it is something you should consider. Another complaint I have is the game’s text. Again, this is usually a problem with PC to console ports since when sitting close to a PC monitor playing, text size is not an issue.

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Overall Shoppe Keep is a fun game that you can spend dozens of hours playing thanks to the huge amount of content it offers. Not having a tutorial and having the controls not be as good on console as they are on PC might rub some people the wrong way, if you give this one a chance you will find a good simulation game with minimalist graphics and a very interesting premise. The game’s trophies will keep trophy hunters busy since there’s just so much to do, and you’ll need to do each action a ton of times before you unlock some of the silver trophies, but it’s worth it.

This Shoppe Keep review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Excalibur Publishing.


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Fun shop simulation game with a lot of content