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[Beyond PlayStation] Teslagrad Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Teslagrad Review

Teslagrad from Rain Games is a charming and fun puzzle/platformer that has been released on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in out Teslagrad review!


Teslagrad has previously been released on other consoles, including the Nintendo Wii U, and it has now found its way to the Nintendo Switch. Since World to the West, Rain Games’ latest game release, will be launching on Switch early next year, it makes sense for the studio to release Teslagrad for players who might not have enjoyed it before on other consoles.

Teslagrad Review - First

Teslagrad is about a young boy who is forced to escape from an attack for reasons that I won’t spoil here. After running as fast as you can and never looking back, you find yourself in a strange tower that is full of puzzles and traps that you must bypass. Teslagrad is one of the best puzzle games released in the last five years, and one I previously reviewed on PS4 a couple of years ago, and after playing it for this review, I can honestly tell you that the game is still as charming as fun as it was back then.

Teslagrad Review - 2

The gameplay is simple and easy to understand, since you move around with the left analog stick and use the B button for jumping. Those are pretty much the basics of gameplay in this Metroidvania-style release with plenty of secrets and collectibles to find. Oh, and how you can gain the ability to use the L and R buttons to play with the colorful magnetic energy in the game so you can, for example, use magnets to reach higher ledges or to cross huge gaps that would otherwise be unreachable by conventional means.

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And later, you’ll be able to blink from place to place and use magnetic cloaks. With these elements in place, you can imagine how clever the puzzles can get, with some easy puzzles here and there as to not overwhelm you after you run into the harder puzzles that require that you think a bit outside of the box. You should have no problem solving the puzzles the game throws at you up until the midway point of the game, and from there until the end your skills will be tested in full!


The bosses in the game are also puzzles you’ll need to solve. Without spoiling too much, I can say you will have to retry a few times before you can defeat them since you die in one hit. This means you’ll need to figure out how to defeat each boss without taking any hits, and that can be a quite a challenge if you’re not ready for it! As you progress, the bosses also get more difficult, so good luck with that! A hint to help you with the bosses is that you first need to focus on memorizing their movement patterns so that you can then analyze how you can make the most of that to push you closer to finding the way to beat said boss.

Teslagrad Review - 1

The game has no voice acting since the story is told visually. This is something that might rub some of you the wrong way, but please don’t let this keep you from enjoying the game. You have a chance to learn more about the game and its universe by reviewing short performances in auditoriums which reveal more of the game’s story, giving you a better idea of why things are like they are.

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As you attract and repel your way through the many rooms in the castle, you’ll have a handy map that shows where you are in the tower. Unfortunately, you cannot see exactly where the collectibles are, and they’re cleverly hidden and easy to miss. The good news is that you can always go back to get them due to the game’s Metroidvania nature… as long as you’re up for redoing some of the puzzles along the way. I suggest you search every nook and cranny in each new area you enter before moving on to the next one so that you can save time!

Teslagrad Review - 5

Teslagrad is a fantastic game that will provide you with a good challenge that won’t feel overwhelming. It’s gorgeous hand-drawn graphics, very catchy music, and cleverly designed puzzles make this an excellent puzzle/platformer game and one that you have to play on Nintendo Switch.

This Teslagrad review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Rain Games.


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Very fun and charming puzzle/platformer