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Papers, Please Out Now On PlayStation Vita

Papers, Please Out Now On PlayStation Vita
  • On December 15, 2017

After being announced over three years ago, Papers, Please is now available for PlayStation Vita! Come learn more about this game and check some new Vita screens!


Papers, Please - 2

Lucas Pope, Game Developer at 3909 LLC, had this to say:

Papers, Please on PS Vita. The most portable version yet, document inspection and stamping in the supple palms of your capable hands.

Content-wise, this version has all the features of the desktop and tablet versions. All 31 days of singleplayer story mode with branching narratives, 20 endings, “endless” mode with online leaderboards, and stamping so much stamping.

The big challenge in making it work well on PS Vita was fitting everything onto the smaller screen without sacrificing the core document shuffling mechanics. Luckily Vita has a great touchscreen and, critically, nearby physical controls. For this version we increased the desk size slightly, floated the booth over the border view only when needed, and added vertical scrolling to shift between the booth+checkpoint and the desk. The analog sticks and directional buttons can be used to quickly scroll up/down and after a small adjustment it feels completely natural to use your left thumb for scrolling and your right fingers for touching (or vice versa, no preference, left=right, all love.)

Papers, Please - 5

We’re currently working on a review for Papers, Please, so be sure to stick around at!

Papers, Please - 3

Papers, Please - 4