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[PlayStation 4] Wuppo Review

[PlayStation 4] Wuppo Review

Wuppo is a cute Metroidvania game with a ton of color and personality, with beautiful hand-drawn graphics and solid gameplay mechanics. Learn more about it in our Wuppo review!


You play as a creature known as a Wum, a circular being with multiple legs. He lives in a hotel… or rather he did until he was evicted. He was causing all kinds of havoc and generally annoying the hotel staff, and after the incident with the Ice-Cream, the hotel staff has said enough is enough, and he was evicted. So what do you do now? Well, you go on a quest to find a new home to live in! You will need to find a place where you will be liked and happy and safe. Is that possible? Let’s dig deep and find out!

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The platforming aspect of Wuppo is the most common form of traveling from location to location or to the various hubs around the game. The world of Wuppo is packed with tons of detail and interesting characters that often have something interesting to say, or maybe even something useful for you. It’s worth talking to as many inhabitants as you can just for the fun of it more than anything else.

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A lot of passion clearly went into the development of Wuppo, since the art style, graphics, the rich locations and the attention to detail is top-notch – this is a game that was definitely not “rushed” out the door, and this becomes more obvious as you play the game. The mechanics are quirky. For example, when you collect something and want to use it, you need to equip it on your head, so if you want to purchase something from the store then you need to make sure that you have cash equipped on your head before making a purchase! You can also equip other stuff like matches and candles, to name a few.

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You can obtain weapons that you can also equip on your head, and they are used in a similar fashion as you would use a weapon in a twin-stick shooter. You can also find collectible hats that are scattered all around the game world, so seek them out if you are a completionist! There are plenty of boss battles to sink your teeth into, but in certain instances, they can become an unnecessary challenge, especially if you are unprepared. The bosses can be found by pure chance, so because of this, it is always wise to make sure you are prepared well in advance to give yourself a fighting chance.

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Only a few items can be mapped to the D-Pad, so there is a bit of menu fiddling to do here which can be an annoyance as the game continues in real-time in the background and, if you are not careful, you will be left wide open to an attack. Don’t forget about this and always plan accordingly!

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Wuppo is a lighthearted fun adventure, and it is definitely well worth a look. There is a platinum trophy to aim for, and it’s not a particularly difficult list, so you’ll add some trophies to your collection as you enjoy this one. You can go for just the game or jump in on PSN to get the Super Deluxe version which includes the game, five Wuppo avatars, two Wuppo static themes, a Wuppo dynamic theme and the game’s soundtrack!

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This Wuppo review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by SOEDESCO.


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Charming and fun Metroidvania PS4 release