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[Beyond PlayStation] Party Planet Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Party Planet Review

Are you looking for a fun party game to play on your Nintendo Switch? Then check out our review for Party Planet to see why this is exactly what you need!


Party Planet, as the name suggests, is a party game in which up to four players can enjoy 30 mini-games. The more you play, the more mini-games you will unlock. You will start with just a handful of mini-games available and will have to work your way up to unlock the rest. Each game is score-based and you can earn bronze, silver and gold medals for your efforts. Games feature either competitive or cooperative multiplayer, and there is also some single-player fun to be had.

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The controls for each game are displayed on the left side and they are pretty simple and easy to pick up. As for the variety of games, they selection includes table ice hockey, a card game in which you need to remember cards and pair them up, a Frogger-style game and a take on the classic Snake game, to name a few. That’s only a handful of the available options, and with 30 min-games in total there are sure to be some that will become your favorite.

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The game is presented with a colorful and vibrant art style and the music is catchy and very upbeat, which goes great with the action and the gameplay mechanics for each game. If you have kids this is the perfect game to enjoy as a family as I’m sure the addictive nature of some of the games will keep you coming back for more.

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My only complaint is that most of the mini-games are locked behind a progression system, since I think it would have been better to have all the mini-games unlocked from the get go so that you could dive in and out of new mini-games with friends and family instead of first having to play the handful of available options to open up more.

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But other than that complaint, I definitely recommend that you get Party Planet on Nintendo Switch since it’s a very fun and colorful party game that is great for playing with family and friends. The variety in games means there’s certainly a game or two that some players will love above the rest, while also having a handful of favorites on the side.

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This Party Planet review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Mastiff.


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Very fun party game