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[PlayStation 4] Brawlhalla Review

[PlayStation 4] Brawlhalla Review
  • On January 1, 2018

Brawlhalla from Blue Mammoth Games is an action packed platform fighter now available on PlayStation 4. Learn more about it in our Brawlhalla review!


Brawlhalla is a Free To Play (F2P) game, which means that you can download the game for free and play it at no cost – but it also offers in-game purchases to support the game’s development and maintenance costs. There’s a total of 32 characters, called legends, available for playing, each with different stats in Strength, Dexterity, Defense and Speed, as well as different weapon combinations.

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There is an offline gameplay mode for the game for some local fun, but most of the game takes you online to battle against the rest of the world. Once you’ve selected your region in order to optimize your experience, you can dive into the Play (casual playing) or Ranked (competitive sessions) modes. Play includes Free-for-all (regular gameplay), Strikeout 1v1 (you use a different legend for each stock you have), Friendly 2v2, and Experimental 1v1 (where you can test new features). Ranked features 1v1 head-to-head, Ranked 2v2, or battling by connecting to a room number in Join Ranked. You can also create a custom game room and invite others to it, or take on the Brawl of the Week which features a weekly rotating mode. And if you want to go crazy, there are also 8 player battles in 4v4 as well as a free for all in which all eight players will duke it for fortune and glory.

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This being a F2P release means the game offers daily login bonuses for players as well as other things to encourage that you play every day for as long as you possibly can. This is a full-on free to play release that doesn’t feel like it forces you to purchase content, and it does reward you for your time and effort playing – but there are a ton of cosmetic upgrades and changes up for grabs.

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The game’s store features a ton of things to spend your coins on. Mammoth Coins can be bought with real currency, as is to be expected from a F2P game, and are available for as little as $5.99 for 140 coins, all the way up to 1,600 coins for $49.99. You can purchase new skins for each of your legends, Ragnarök Chests with item skins and legends skins (some of them limited and not for sale at the store), Sandstorm Chests (ditto), taunts, sidekicks, KO effects, special colors, avatars, podiums and special ranked weapons that use a separate currency called glory.

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Brawlhalla in its current state is a fun affair with plenty of modes, characters and options for fighting locally and online for hours and hours. Due to the game’s nature, it will continue to evolve and improve on its formula which each update, adding more Legends, more features and more game modes on a regular basis. Content patches are the spice of life for F2P releases, and so far Brawlhalla has kept things interesting with rebalancing, updates, upgrades, and items available for a limited time to entice players to spend more time with the game, or perhaps to spend more of their hard-earned money to secure some extra in-game currency.

This Brawlhalla review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Blue Mammoth Games.


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