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[PlayStation Vita] Tokyo Tattoo Girls Review

[PlayStation Vita] Tokyo Tattoo Girls Review

Tokyo Tattoo Girls from NIS America on PlayStation Vita is a weird portable game you gotta see to believe. Find out why in our Tokyo Tattoo Girls review!


Tokyo Tattoo Girls is an “acquired taste” type of experience since it’s a game basically about plastering naked girls with tattoos – exotic content that sets up the premise for a strategy release. The game, as expected from its name, is set in Tokyo, Japan, where girls started to appear with special powers. You play as the Tattoo Master, and you have a choice of helping one of five girls take over the wards of Tokyo so that you can acquire the whole of the city and escape.

This is not as easy as it sounds since each ward is controlled by a clan and a leader. If you want to succeed, you must defeat them and complete their personal mission to take over the 23 wards of Tokyo as you take on each girl’s story. The game, to a degree, can be quite funny but since it deals with a mature gameplay premise this is certainly not suited for young players – the game know its niche market, and it aims for it in full.

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As you play, you will need to keep an eye on your honor meter, since if it decreases to zero its game over. Turf wars can affect the meter, but if you have a good amount of money you can end the turf war – as the saying goes, money talks! Gameplay while trying to take over the wards feels a lot like a board game, and you’ll get the basics as you play while you learn from your mistakes. If I were to compare the game to another board game out there, I’d say it resembles Risk here and there.

You can speed up the action in the game, or you can pause everything while you think about your moves, making sure that every decision counts. Depending on the difficulty setting you select for the game, you could take on all 23 wards in a handful of hours or need to spend dozens of hours refining your tactics.

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As for the tattoo system, tattoos will give you various boosts in battle, which can, for example, include increased charisma attacks. By the end of your run the girl you selected will be covered in traditional Japanese inking, which is certainly very nice and interesting to look at, but a gameplay mechanic that might keep some of you away from the game due to the practically naked girls part of the equation and how there are many people who do not approve of tattoos in general.

Overall, Tokyo Tattoo Girls is a game with some interesting gameplay mechanics and a decent story, but with elements that might rub some people the wrong way. But if you’re a fan of strategy games, you might be able to give this one a chance and play it on your PlayStation Vita since, in the end, it’s definitely a nice looking and polished strategy game.

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This Tokyo Tatoo Girls review is based on a PS Vita copy provided by NIS America.


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Niche strategy game that might rub some people the wrong way