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[PlayStation 4] Fragments Of Him Review

[PlayStation 4] Fragments Of Him Review
  • On January 5, 2018

Fragments of Him from Sassybot is an emotional walking simulator that deals with love and loss. Learn more about it in our Fragments of Him review!


The game is a short one and you could be done seeing everything it has to offer in a couple of hours, so I definitely want to keep this review as spoiler-free as possible. But if you want to dive into the game without knowing a single thing about its characters and story, then just know that it’s a very interesting release that will definitely hit you strong, especially if you have experience the loss of a loved one.
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In Fragments of Him you are presented with the story of Will, a man who unfortunately dies in a car accident. You will get to experience the story from four different perspectives to get a better picture of who Will was. This means you’ll take on Will himself, his former girlfriend, Sarah, his boyfriend Harry who was still with him right before his death, as well as Will’s grandmother, Mary. As you can imagine, each character presents a different perspective on who Will was and what has happened.

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Since the game is a walking simulator, you’ll only need to focus on walking with the left analog stick and interacting with things with the X button – you can walk faster if you want to by holding down the L2 button. As for gameplay, you’ll notice objects and characters you can interact with, including the character which is the focus of the chapter you’re playing, will have a color outline to let you know about it. If out of reach you will notice a blue outline, if in your line of sight but still too far away, it will have a red outline to let you know you can’t interact with it just yet. You will know when you’re within reach since the outline will change to yellow.

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It’s hard to review the game without spoiling the story, so all I’ll say is that each of the four perspectives you’ll get about Will’s life will allow you to better understand why he was dearly loved and while he’ll certainly be missed by those he left behind. Fragments of Him is a solid walking simulator that deals with some delicate topics in a sensitive way, with a focus on story above all. Sure, the game looks nice, but its minimalist art style might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Hopefully that won’t keep you from playing this short but meaningful release as you’d be missing out on a good walking simulator.

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This Fragments of Him review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Sassybot.


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Short indie release that deals with love and loss