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[PlayStation Vita] Son Of Scoregasm Review

[PlayStation Vita] Son Of Scoregasm Review

Son of Scoregasm is a very fun shoot ‘em up on PlayStation Vita that you have to try. Read our Son of Scoregasm review to find out why!


Son of Scoregasm is a game by one-man studio Charlie’s Games, and it’s by far one of the best shoot ‘em ups on PlayStation Vita. A lot of heart went into the game, and you can see it as you play. Charlie clearly loves his creation, and he definitely should be proud of what he has achieved on his own. Son of Scoregasm is a colorful twin-stick shooter. The game has no story – it is purely focused on gameplay. You will quickly learn the basics with a short tutorial that will walk you through things such as moving and attacking and score multipliers and how to keep them going. The game is very minimalist, so there’s not much you need to learn.

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You move and aim with the left thumb stick, and you shoot with the right thumb stick. You can also unleash a Pulse Attack by pressing the shoulder buttons on your Vita – either one will do the trick. The Pulse Attack works in two ways: it is used to clear out any enemies within reach, and the other is to turn enemies, and their energy attacks, into tokens to increase your multiplier score. If you score enough points, you will earn medals.

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The Pulse Attack mechanic is very handy as the number of enemies that cover the screen is huge, and you can easily keep them in check with your Pulse Attack before they overwhelm you. Once you do this, your PS Vita screen will light up with many bright colors, bringing it alive with plenty of fast-paced action from start to finish.

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The game’s stages are set inside of various arenas, with action taking place inside of each level’s shape which also includes obstacles you can use to your advantage. For example, one level has two gauntlet-like pillars which you can shoot to crush your enemies. The gameplay certainly won’t be boring when you play this one on the go!

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Naturally, like with most twin-stick shooters, there are difficulty settings for this one, but Son of Scoregasm gives you the difficulty choices a bit differently to what you are used to. Instead of picking a difficulty and getting on with it, you are given a choice of two paths after each stage: one is easy, and one is hard. Each stage has a boss, and they vary in difficulty as well, so there is quite a bit regarding replayability with the different paths you can take on. Not only that but you can aim at getting a place on the leaderboards and achieving lots of medals, so there is a lot on offer for a game that was made by just one guy. There is also more than one ending for the game based on what paths you took!

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Son of Scoregasm is a game a lot of players will certainly enjoy as it’s a PS Vita release that stands out from the crowd with its fun gameplay mechanics and colorful visuals. The game is definitely worth a look on your Sony portable, so don’t miss out on this gem! The trophy list is fairly easy, with one trophy being the challenging on since it asks that you beat the game in Expert Mode… so good luck with that one!

This Son of Scoregasm review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Charlie’s Games.


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Very fun arcade-style release