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[PlayStation 4] Invector Review

[PlayStation 4] Invector Review
  • On January 26, 2018

Invector from Hello There Games is a PS4 rhythm game in which all songs are from AVICII. Yes. All of them. Learn more about this one in our Invector review!


Invector has 22 tracks for you to play, all from AVICII. That means that if you’re a fan of his music, then you’re going to love this release. If you don’t care about his work, then this might not be for you. And if you’re still undecided about his repertoire, well, this game might win you over. It features very fun and fast-paced gameplay that is easy to learn but hard to master, especially at higher levels. You will pilot a ship and will need to press a button as soon as the ship goes over the corresponding prompt. If you can hit the buttons to the beat, you can get a combo going to increase your multiplier to bump your overall score. There are also times when you’ll need to move the left analog stick left and right to change the side of the tunnel you’re riding on, so be ready!

Invector Review - 1

Along with the rhythm game sections that you play in a tunnel with notes to hit, there are also short free-fly sections where you can pilot the ship around to avoid obstacles and try to hit floating ring targets to keep your combo going between rhythm sections. You do need to be careful or else you’ll crash into a very hard

Invector Review - Stella 1

The game will ease you into the overall experience since you’ll first need to complete songs on Easy to be able to play them on Medium, and you won’t be able to play them on Hard until you have finished a song on Medium – that way you won’t feel overwhelmed by jumping into hard before you can even get the hang of things. This is certainly needed since the higher the difficulty, the more face buttons you’ll need to use – not to mention how some of the prompts for changing lanes or sides in the tunnel will be gone, so you’ll need to change how you approach a song. A song you end up learning front to back on Easy will have some new notes added as well as changes to the overall layout here and there.

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The game’s songs are split into five different theme worlds: Space, Valley, Ice, City, and Forest. As you can imagine, each one features a different look and feel, complementing the songs in the corresponding group. The colorful environments in each of the themes go very well with the action on each of the tracks you play with the face buttons, the L1 button and the left analog stick.

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Between some of the songs, you’ll get a cutscene to break the action and move the story along, so that you can get to know Stella, Collector Pilot H45H1M). I won’t spoil how she fits into the whole thing, but I can say that she is particularly fond of chocolate.

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This one has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy at the end of the road, and there are plenty of objectives to complete as you go. You’ll be rewarded for landing five perfects notes in a row, hitting all targets in the free-fly segments, getting 100% note completion on each of the game’s difficulties, landing 25, 50, 75% perfect notes in a song, getting an A rank on several levels, getting and S rank on several levels, and getting an S+ rank on each of the game’s difficulties, to name a few There’s a lot to do in this one if you want to get that Platinum!

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Invector is a fun rhythm game with a solid soundtrack from AVICII. Your mileage may vary if you’re not a fan of his music, but the gameplay mechanics, colorful visuals, 22 AVICII tracks to play and three difficulty levels make for a fun rhythm game on PlayStation 4 that you should definitely check out.

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This Invector review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Hello There Games.


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Fun rhythm game with an all AVICII soundtrack