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[Beyond PlayStation] Splasher Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Splasher Review
  • On February 7, 2018

Splasher from Splashteam and Plug In Digital is a very addictive action platformer on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our Splasher review!


Splasher Review - 1

Splasher from Splashteam and Plug In Digital is a very addictive 2D action platformer on Nintendo Switch that you definitely need to play today. In this one you take control of a character that is great at running, jumping and making the most of his skills to defeat Le Decteur to save the Splashers in each of the game’s stages. There are six Splashers hidden in each level with a seventh one you can free if you grab enough energy before you reach the end of the stage – you need 700 to open the cage at the end and there are a little over 700 energy points to collect in a stage so there’s not much room for error.

Splasher Review - 2

At first you will only have water to use with your gun, but as you progress through the game you’ll gain access to special paint canisters with colorful paint that will allow you to stick to surfaces, or leave enemies stuck in place (red) or to bounce around (yellow) – and you can quickly shoot one after the other and mix things up so that you can get to high or out of reach places as you avoid deadly traps and hazards that are all around you.

The game will ease you into things by slowly introducing new enemies, new challenges, new hazards and new ways to make the most of the colored ink canisters you add to your arsenal, so that you don’t end up feeling overwhelmed in the first handful of stages. If you focus only on completing each level and don’t go for saving all seven Splasher in a stage, then you can complete most levels in a few minutes, but you do need to save some of the Splashers to open up new areas around the game’s hub.

Splasher Review - 3

Each stage also includes quarantine zones you can enter by jumping into a black wormhole. These are self-contained single screen areas in which you’ll need to overcome a particular short challenge. If you die, you’ll just be sent out of the wormhole and can immediately jump back in to give it another go. If you’re successful, you’ll free the locked up Splasher inside of the quarantine zone.

Splasher Review - Quarantine

Along with the main way of playing each stage, you can also take on each level in a time trial to try to complete it as fast as possible, and there’s also a speedrun mode so that you can take on the entire game in one go to see if you’re really as good as you think you are. I suggest you first complete the game once so that you know what you’ll be dealing with for the time trial and speedrun variants since every mistake you make will make you lose valuable seconds.

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Splasher is a very colorful and fun 2D action platformer with plenty of content to enjoy. Once you get into the groove of things and you start to 100% level after level, you’ll see why it’s a very addictive experience. Before you know it you would have completed all stages in the game and rescued all Splasher from Le Decteur, ready to do it all over again as you aim at landing a spot at the top of the time trial leaderboards.

This Splasher review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Plug In Digital.


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Very addictive action platformer