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[PlayStation 4] Danger Zone Review

[PlayStation 4] Danger Zone Review
  • On February 9, 2018

Danger Zone is a game in which you are rewarded for wreaking havoc by crashing vehicles and making things go boom. Learn more about this one in our Danger Zone review!

The game’s premise is simple: use a vehicle to crash and burn, do some severe damage to other vehicles around you and be rewarded by it with a massive score. The more damage you deal, the higher the overall damage cost for your run, and you can also grab pick-ups along the way to add more money on top of the overall damage you’ve dealt. Once your car stops moving, you will continue to obtain a bigger score from the other cars that end up crashing onto the cars you’ve totaled on the track. You’ll be awarded a bronze, silver or gold medal based on how well you do (or a hidden platinum medal if you’re really good at it), so you will end up replaying each test over and over again as you try to find the perfect way to greatly increase your score. Fun, right?

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The controls for the game are simple and to the point: You’ll steer with the left analog stick, move the camera around with the right analog stick, accelerate with the R2 trigger and brake with the L2 trigger. You can also fire the Smashbreaker with the Circle button, which basically means you can make your car go boom. Timing your Smashbreaker skill just right will allow you to maximize your damage output, so be sure to try it at different times during each run to see what works best.

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Danger Zone definitely ends up feeling like a crash test simulator, but it also feels a bit like a puzzle game of sorts. For each test you will need to figure out where you need to start your initial proper crash against one or more of the vehicles around you, and sometimes starting a crash sooner rather than later will yield better results, while other times avoiding the oncoming traffic will be more viable so that you can start a crash from the back of the stage as you work your way backwards with your Smashbreaker after X number of cars are wrecked, grabbing extra pick-ups along the way so that you can use more Smashbreakers to leave other cars wrecked in the middle of traffic.

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The game does not have a Platinum trophy, which is a shame since there are certainly a lot of potential objectives that could have been used as triggers for additional trophies, but at least the trophy list in the game is a fun one. You’ll get a trophy for activating a Smashbreaker skill for the first time, for your first gold medal, for scoring a medal in every simulation test, for getting 10 platinum medals in the game, for completing each tier in the game, and for scoring a large damage sum or totaling a hundred cars in a single run, to name a few.

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Overall, Danger Zone is a fun arcade-style release that will keep you coming back for more as you try to find the best strategy for causing as much damage as possible for each run in each of the game’s simulations. Getting a nice combo going while making the most of your Smashbreaker while you grab bonus money pick-ups as you aim at getting a Grand Slam bonus by grabbing a bronze, silver and gold pick-up will certainly become a very addictive experience, making this a solid indie offering on PlayStation 4.

Danger Zone Review - 5

This Danger Zone review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Three Fields Entertainment.


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Fun crash simulator/puzzle game