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[Beyond PlayStation] Crimsonland Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Crimsonland Review
  • On February 12, 2018

Crimsonland from 10tons is a fast-paced arcade-style twin-stick shooter on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about this one in our Crimsonland review!


As for the game’s controls, this being a twin-stick shooter means you’ll be moving around with the left analog stick while you aim with the right analog stick. You can then press the ZR button to fire your weapon and the R button to reload it. There’s also an option in the controls menu that allows you to fire without having to press the ZR button, changing the game into almost a pure twin-stick shooter, which is definitely appreciated.

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There are a ton of weapons to unlock in the game, but at first you’ll only have access to a pistol – worry not since you’ll quick unlock an assault rifle for your arsenal! The pistol has good accuracy and fire rate stats, but has a slow reload time and doesn’t deal much damage – it also only has 12 bullets per reload. The assault rifle has 25 bullets in total per reload, an excellent fire rate, as is to be expected, but is not as accurate and takes longer to reload – at least its overall damage is bigger! Each extra weapon you unlock will have its own stats, so be sure to check them all to find what works for you!

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There are also a ton of perks to unlock in the game, for things such as increasing the amount of blood that is spilled when you kill an enemy, getting 5000 experience points instantly or 10% of your total experience right away, viewing the world form a higher perspective like an eagle would, or increasing your odds of dodging an attack when a monster attacks you, to name a few.

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Crimsonland offers an in-game achievement system in which you can unlock new ones for completing all quests in each chapter, completing the game in the hardcore difficulty setting, getting 100% hit accuracy in a specific chapter, destroying over 500 nests, unlocking all perks, and getting a high enough point total in each of the game’s modes (Survival, Weapon Picker, Rush, Blitz and Nukefism), to name a few.

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If you’re looking for a top-down action release that offers bite-sized levels for you to dive into for a few minutes at a time with a difficulty that slowly ramps up as you go, then you should give Crimsonland a try. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it does offer a solid and entertaining arcade-style release on Nintendo Switch that is worth a shot.

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This Crimsonland review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by 10tons.


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Fun arcade-style release