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[PlayStation 4] Timothy Vs the Aliens Review

[PlayStation 4] Timothy Vs the Aliens Review

Thanks to the PlayStation Talents program and the support of Sony Spain, Timothy Vs the Aliens from Wild Sphere is now available in Europe. Learn more about this fun action platformer in our Timothy Vs The Aliens review!


I remember seeing Timothy Vs the Aliens on Kickstarter around two years ago, and while the game looked good, it never clicked with backers and ended up not even getting 1% of its funding goal. The game looked interesting and the team was very passionate about it, so I was happy to learn that they were part of the PlayStation Talents program that helped them to complete developing the game.

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Timothy VS the Aliens is a black and white noire release in which you battle against colorful aliens that definitely stand out in the crowd. The game is set in a city called Little Fish and you play as a gangster named Timothy, and he looks the part right down to the bowler hat and cigar smoking. Timothy can do a lot more than just shoot with his gun since he has the ability to bend time, something he probably picked up that time when he was abducted by aliens. Timothy learns that an alien invasion is imminent, so when the invasion happens Timothy is ready to save the world.

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This one is an open world action platformer, which is an interesting design choice since the world, other than the Grandfather, Elizabeth and colorful aliens, is a bit barren. That’s not something that gets in the way of the fun, but I did want to mention it so you know what you’re getting into.

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The character controls are pretty good since you can run, jump, climb and punch things, as well as shoot with your weapon. Your starter weapon is a pistol, but as you progress through the game you will unlock more weapons for your arsenal, but do remember that only your starter weapon has unlimited ammo and for all other weapons you will need to get some extra ammo as needed. You can’t find extra ammo out in the open, so you’ll need to get it from the store, but worry not since there is plenty of money to earn in the game and you will slowly become richer and richer as you defeat the aliens and use your slowdown ability to make short work of them.


As or the continuously respawning aliens, you will fight different types with different colors and attack styles, and two of the aliens are huge enough to swallow you whole, so if it happens be sure to mash the R2 trigger so that you can make it explode before it is too late. You’ll look a bit colorful for a bit since you’ll be covered with its remains, but its either that or being eaten alive, right?

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There are many locked doors and cars around, and once you find the keys you will be able to open them to new areas and discover secrets behind locked door or drive the cars around the city. The minimap disappears while driving, so you’ll need to hit the touchpad if you need to check the map of the city as you’re traveling around.

There are collectibles to find in the game, and they are hotdogs! You will need to search low and high for them since they’re not out there in plain view, and for those of you who are completionists this will add some extra time on top of your regular run. Along with these you can also some special cards to find around the city which will provide boosts to your stats. Can you find everything around the city?

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The game is a short one since you can complete the story in around three hours or so, with some extra time on top of this for finding all collectibles in the game. The good news for trophy hunters is that this one has a Platinum trophy at the end of the road, making it a fun but short adventure with a good reward for trophy hunters.

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Timothy Vs the Aliens is a solid release from the Spanish indie team at Wild Sphere, and an ambitious one. The game is an open world release that, unfortunately, doesn’t feel as populated as it could have been, but it probably comes down to the development budget and time the indie studio had for making the game. As long as you give this one a chance you’ll get to experience a short but fun story with great gameplay mechanics and a Platinum trophy, which is rare with indie releases. This is a good effort from Wild Sphere and I look forward to seeing what the team does to expand on the formula.

This Timothy Vs the Aliens review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Wild Sphere.


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