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[PlayStation 4] Crossing Souls Review

[PlayStation 4] Crossing Souls Review

Crossing Souls is a love letter to the movies and pop culture of the 1980s with a pixeltastic presentation. Learn more about this gem in our Crossing Souls review!


I definitely love the 1980s with its colorful settings, action-packed releases, and charming romantic comedies, not to mention the amazing TV shows of the era – every channel had something to offer every day of the week, not to mention during Saturday mornings with beloved classic shows such as He-Man and the Transformers, right? Crossing Souls takes you back in time to 1986 in California as a member of a group of five close friends who find a mysterious stone in the hands of a dead guy. This stone, as the group will soon find out, will allow them to travel to another plane of existence into the realm of the dead.

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As for five kids, one is nerdy, one is a tomboy, one is “normal” – whatever normal means -, one is strong, and one is nuisance. The game is chockfull of references to beloved movies and shows from the 1980s, there is even, for example, a side-quest with a plot similar to Poltergeist. The game also doesn’t take itself too seriously, so you’ll also run into several jokes that will make you laugh out loud – the game’s overall writing is superb.

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Each of the five kids has a unique ability that will help you solve puzzles, so you can cycle through the characters to make the most of their skills – as well as of their different base stats. For example, Chris can parkour, while Matt can use a jetpack. This means that for a puzzle you might need to move some boxes around a maze-like area, so you’ll use Matt’s jetpack skill to reach the boxes, then switch to Joe to carry them. The way puzzles are setup make this a very fun game since they’re not too easy or too hard to solve.

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Combat also involves switching character, which makes the hack and slash mechanics more entertaining as you make the most of each kid’s attacks and skills during each battle. Take Charlie and her rope ability which will provide you with a wide attack to keep enemies at bay. Combining this with the strong attacks of other characters, and the speed of the rest of the gang will keep you alive and well as long as you play things right.

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You will be fighting also ghosts, zombies and other supernatural enemies you come across while in the realm of the dead, and while the general environment doesn’t change much between the two realms, although you will run into some bizarre sightings here and there, as well as some of the NPC in the realm of the dead who are eager to give you some quests to complete with a nice reward for your trouble.

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Crossing Souls really packs a punch and oozes charm. The graphics and cutscenes are a delight to experience, and the references to pop culture are great. This one is very easy to recommend since it’s one of the best indie games on PlayStation 4 and one you need to play right now! There’s a good and rich story to experience, fun side-quests, solid combat mechanics and even some mini-games to enjoy here and there. Go on and donwload Crossing Souls today!

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This Crossing Souls review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Devolver Digital.


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Superb PS4 1980s homage action/puzzle release