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[Review Revisited] Corpse Party

  • On February 18, 2018

Corpse Party - D

Welcome to a new Review Revisited! This time around I wanted to bring the spotlight over a bizarre, macabre and gruesome release from almost 3 years ago… Corpse Party!

You can read the original review for Corpse Party right here.

Corpse Party is an excellent visual novel game that features an interesting story, great soundtrack, creepy pixel visuals, a great cast of characters and a very long adventure to enjoy (over 15 hours if you want to do almost everything available in the game).

I rated this one at 95%, and after recently replaying the game, I was reminded about how every element in this XSEED Games release just feels right. Sure, the sick and bleak universe in which Corpse Party takes place might not be for everyone, but for those of you who have the stomach to play a creepy game at 12 a.m. with the lights out while wearing headphones will definitely love every second of Corpse Party.