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[PlayStation 4] Ultimate Chicken Horse Review

[PlayStation 4] Ultimate Chicken Horse Review

Ultimate Chicken Horse is an interesting 2D game with an interesting name with some interesting gameplay mechanics that make it a very fun game. Learn more about it in our Ultimate Chicken Horse review!


Ultimate Chicken horse was funded on Kickstarter back in 2015 with a focus on a PC release. Thanks to the success of this non-console release, we now have a console version on PlayStation 4 for all to enjoy. At its core, the game is a platformer, which means you’ll be running, jumping and wall-jumping through each level from beginning to end. The twist, and what makes Ultimate Chicken Horse stand out from other platformers, is that you build the course with the available tools that you need to beat each level, which in theory sounds simple since each level is a blank canvas you can fill with objects that can help you get from point A to B, trying to reach the flag before other players make it.

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You can play the game with up to four players, and you and your friends at the beginning of each level choose a platform, object or a form of hazard and place it where you want within the 2D plane. Your primary goal during the build phase is to screw other players but not yourself so that you can reach the goal without dying. A lot of strategy is involved here, and a lot of precise thinking is required to stump your friends and beat them in the process without robbing you of a safe path to the goal. If you’re too aggressive, you might end up keeping other players from reaching the goal, but you could also end up eliminating your chances of reaching the goal in one piece.

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And along with the main mode, there is also a Challenge mode in which you are tasked with beating levels as fast as possible, for a different approach to how you take on a setting. The fun part about this one is that along with the levels designed by the team, there are also levels to play that are being created by users, which means that the game has a ton of replay value since it’s going to take you a while to complete all levels – even more so if extra levels are created by PS4 players!

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Ultimate Chicken Horse is a game that is very easy to recommend since it’s a very fun game and one of the most unique multiplayer games I have played in a while. You’ll get to play as a cute cast of characters that include a raccoon, a pig, a chicken, and yes, even a horse, which have an interesting art style and design that really makes them pop. The graphics are very colorful with lots of light pastel colors which are easy on the eye, and a perfect party game to have some friends over for a pizza night and some sodas/alcohol drinks, and there’s plenty of content to enjoy. I had a blast with the game, and I look forward to seeing how the team at Clever Endeavour Games expand or improve on this winning formula.

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This Ultimate Chicken Horse review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provoded by Clever Endeavour Games.


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Very fun and chaotic party game