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What We’d Like To See From The Next Batman Video Game

What We’d Like To See From The Next Batman Video Game

While Batman has always been one of the most popular and prominent comic book characters, Christopher Nolan’s hugely successful Dark Knight trilogy catapulted Batman into the upper echelons of the Hollywood movie annals. Naturally, this reinvention of Batman sparked life into the franchise as a whole – comic book veterans were once again enjoying the revitalization of a childhood favorite and newer, younger fans were awestruck at the sheer sight of Batman and his impressive array of aesthetically pleasing vehicles.

The Dark Knight consequently made a triumphant return to the video gaming scene in the shape of Arkham Asylum and the sequels that followed its release back in 2009. However, as impressive and successful as these games were, there’s always room for improvement in the video gaming industry and so below is a brief look at what we’d like to see incorporated into the next big Batman release.

A Few Curveball Characters

As good as the villains have been in both Nolan’s trilogy and the Arkham gaming franchise, we would like to see a few more of the unused and underappreciated villains making an appearance in the next Batman title. Adversaries such as The Ventriloquist and his destructive puppet Scarface or The Court of Owls would certainly be interesting additions to the next installment in the Arkham gaming franchise and would also reintroduce some of the more underrated and forgotten villains to an audience who are perhaps unaware that they even exist.

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More Mini-Games Are Always a Good Bet

Whether it’s lock picking or solving riddles, the mini-games featured in the franchise and Arkham Asylum more specifically are extremely enjoyable and provide a welcome break from the main storylines, which can often be taxing when tackled in big chunks. The online slot games The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises from Roxy Palace contain textbook examples of how mini-games can add value to the overall gaming experience, with users being able to earn progressive bonuses after completing problem-solving exercises. As explained in this review of Roxy Palace Casino, the site has been in operation since 2002 and, with over 300 games available, The Dark Knight slots only scratch the surface when it comes to movie-themed slot games.

Other Playable Characters

We all love Batman but being able to play as Catwoman in Arkham City was a breath of fresh air and felt completely natural. Now and again, it would be nice to be able to play as other characters who in turn have their own side-quests and missions to complete. One of the obvious and most logical choices would be Robin, but considering the excellent stable of secondary heroes at the game’s disposal, there are definitely different avenues that could be explored. It’d also be nice to just give Batman a rest every now and again – he definitely deserves it!

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Rocksteady Studios Know What They’re Doing…

At the end of the day, the Arkham gaming franchise has been a huge critical and commercial success worldwide and, so, with regards to Batman at least, everything that Rocksteady touches turns to gold. We can talk about improvements until the cows come home, but the developers certainly know what they’re doing and often know best as well. As long as get a new installment, and soon, we will be happy campers, even if they do ignore everything we’ve said above.