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[Beyond PlayStation] Plantera Dx Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Plantera Dx Review
  • On March 6, 2018

Plantera Dx from Ratalaika Games is a fast-paced and very colorful clicker-style game now on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it our Plantera Dx review!


Plantera Dx throws you right into the action with a short tutorial that is only a few seconds long. This tutorial will show you that you must move a cursor around with the left analog stick and interact with some glowing butterflies with the A button. Doing this will reward you with coins, which can, in turn, be used to purchase some carrots to plant on your plot of land. An NPC will then grab the carrots as they grow, which will reward you with more coins as well as with some experience points to level up so that you can gain access to new plants and new livestock to add to your plot so that you can keep the cycle going. If you play in portable mode, you can also use the Switch’s screen to control everything that is going on around your plot of land.

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You’ll have helpers that will collect things for you as you focus on other things around the screen, as well as while you’re busy purchasing new things to add to your pot of land, and as you level up, you’ll gain new helpers to aid you on your run. There are also things you can purchase to help you keep them busy while you’re gone from the game. They can, for instance, collect things for an hour while you’re gone, keeping the game going while you’re busy taking care of something else in life – and yes, this means that the game will continue to run while you’re away. There’s also manure to multiply your coin production, or a scarecrow to help you keep bad birds away from your crops.

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The game’s option menu allows you to increase or decrease the volume of the music and sound effects, change the language, the song that is playing, as well as if you want to activate a Christmas mode so that everything is snowy and festive to change things up a bit – your helpers will even wear a red and white Christmas hat to share with you on the festivities.

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If you’ve already played the game on another platform, what is new for this DX release? Well, you’ll, have access to a new animal (a horse), a much bigger map for your plot, new characters to interact with (such as a running knight that you can click over and over again for a 10 coin bonus per click), a boost to the games graphics, and the aforementioned Christmas mode.

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There’s a list of in-game achievements to unlock, and they are awarded for doing things such as scaring away 500 birds, scaring away 100 foxes, buying several garden expansions, planting a total of 100 plants, buying 100 animals, trashing 10 items, reaching level 10, 50 or 100, bashing 50 moles, and more.

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Plantera Dx is a very relaxing colorful clicker-style release that you can play for short bursts here and there, customizing your plot with new flora and fauna as you go, improving how much money you can get per minute, setting up some dogs and scarecrows to protect your land, boosting your coin multiplier and increasing the overall time your helpers can work while the game is off, so that the game can continue to play itself while you go play another game or take care of some stuff in real life. It’s a charming release that definitely is not for everyone, but it’s one you can check out if you’re a fan of clicker games or arcade-style farming simulators.

This Plantera DX review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Ratalaika Games.


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