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[Beyond PlayStation] King Oddball Review

[Beyond PlayStation] King Oddball Review
  • On March 9, 2018

King Oddball is a fun arcade-style release on Nintendo Switch with a ton of content and a nice challenge. Learn more about it in our King Oddball review!


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In King Oddball you will control, well, a King who is a weird spherical thing, and it will use his tongue to grab rocks to throw at the enemies on the screen to defeat them before you run out of rocks to use. Simple, right? The difficulty curve is nice for this one since you won’t feel overwhelmed until when the last set of levels come around. Levels are unlocked on sets, and you need to complete the previous batch before you can carry on with the rest. You will be pitted against military forces that include foot soldiers, mighty thanks and annoying helicopters that move around a set path.

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Thanks to this, if you ever run into a level that is giving you trouble then you can just go back to the world map and select a different stage. Taking on a new challenge will allow you to stop thinking about how to beat the other stage that was giving you trouble, thus giving you a chance to come back at it from a different angle. Levels are a minute or two long at most, but there’s a ton of stages to finish before you can complete your quest. And if you manage to defeat three or more targets with a single rock you will be rewarded with an extra rock to throw for your arsenal.

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Overall, the game will take you 3-4 hours to finish depending on your skill with puzzle games and your overall luck, but if you want to 100% the game you will also need to complete two sets of extra stages with different objects to use for your mayhem, as well as playing all main stages in the diamond challenge. In this one you have to collect a diamond in every level by completing it while still having at least one rock left. Thanks to this you cam add at least an extra 3-4 hours on top of your gaming total.

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King Oddball is a fun arcade release that is easy to pick that is worth your time on Nintendo Switch. There is more than enough content to justify its price point, with well over a 100 levels to complete and a good challenge that increases at a steady pace.

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This King Oddball review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by 10tons.


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Fun arcade-style release with plenty of content to enjoy