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[Beyond PlayStation] Night In The Woods Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Night In The Woods Review
  • On March 12, 2018

Night in the Woods from Infinite Falls and Finji is a charming indie release with a great look and a solid story. Learn more about it in our Night in the Woods review!


Infinite Falls took Night in the Woods to Kickstarter way back in 2013, and the project managed to reach its main goal in around 26 hours or so. By the time the campaign was over, it had reached 400% it’s funding goal. Many moons later the game is now out on Nintendo Switch. The game follows college drop-out Mae Borowski who ends up moving back to her hometown of Possum Springs, with her parents, after figuring out that college wasn’t for her. Things have changed while others have remained the same, as you and Mae will find out during this new adventure.

Night In The Woods Review - 1

The game will show you the basics during the first part of the game as you move left and right on a 2D plane with the left analog stick, interact with objects and NPC with the Y button and read messages with the A button. You can jump with the B button, and will get to do a triple jump by running in the same direction non-stop and jumping three times in a row – that third jump will send you higher than the other two as you’ll see at the start when you need to reach a high spot in an area – a nice nod to Super Mario 64.

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Along with the main gameplay sections packed with story, there are also parts in which you’ll take on a completely different genre. You might, for example, get to play a song or two in a rhythm game section in which you need to press the X, B, Y, and A buttons as they reach the bottom of the screen in time with the music, or you could end up in a dungeon crawler that tasks you with finding the key to the door that leads to the boss – simple stuff really, but with a difficulty that ramps up considerably the further you go in these micro games. I won’t spoil the other micro games since experiencing them is an important part of this one, but rest assured they will definitely mix things up as they keep this adventure game feeling fresh from start to finish.

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The game’s graphic art style, setting, writing, character interactions, they all come together to give us a game that is definitely a must-play on Nintendo Switch. And then there’s the music, which perfectly complements every moment, making every scene just pop. I wish I could talk more about the game’s story and overall beat, but doing so would certainly ruin your time in Possum Springs.

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It is very easy to recommend Night in the Woods on Nintendo Switch. It is a solid adventure release with plenty of content to enjoy and a nice cast of characters that, thanks to their witty dialogue and strong presence, very much feel alive. The way the game uses colors to convey emotions in tune with the changing weather, and how it weaves a tale that will keep you engaged until the end make this not only one of the best indie games on Nintendo’s hybrid console, but one of the best games on the console.

Night In The Woods Review - 5

This Night in the Woods review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Finji.


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Clever, gorgeous and fun indie release with a solid soundtrack