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[PlayStation 4] Strikers Edge Review

[PlayStation 4] Strikers Edge Review

Strikers Edge is an interesting release that can be described as medieval dodgeball. Learn more about this release in our Strikers Edge review!


For this one, instead of playing dodgeball with, well, a ball, you throw weapons around! It is a fun game with a good amount of content and three difficulty settings, with a strong focus on multiplayer, while also offering a single-player campaign to enjoy. Strikers Edge is quite an addictive game, and the perfect indie release to play between gaming sessions with other games.

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You and your opponent stand on opposite sides of the arena and the goal is to use ranged weapon attacks to hit your opponent as you try to dodge your enemy’s attacks. You need to dodge or blocks on time to nullify your opponent’s attacks, always on high-alert. And not only are weapons part of the equation since spells will also be thrown in for good measure. You must never stand still or else you will be destroyed buy your opponent.

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The game offers eight characters to play as. Some use swords, others use spears, some are spell casters, and each has his/her own play styles and unique buffs, which kick in after a successful block. Each character also has different charge attacks, so it’s worth your while to experiment with each character to see which one is best for you.

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This is why you should go through the game’s campaign mode in which you’ll get to play with each of the game’s characters, learning more about their stories and the universe you are playing in as you progress through each math. The story is not as beefy as it would be in an adventure game or a visual novel, but that’s not what we’re usually expecting when playing an action-packed release with arcade-style gameplay like this one.

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When you are done with the campaign mode and feel confident about your playing skills, why not take on some 1v1 or 2v2 battles either online or in local co-op? As I mentioned before, there is a heavy focus on the game’s multiplayer side of things. This also means that most of the game’s trophies are tied to that part of the equation, so if you’re a trophy hunter and, for some reason, are not big into online multiplayer gaming, then getting the Platinum trophy for this one is going to be a hassle.

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Why? Because while there are trophies for getting 100 headshots, winning a game in each arena, and parrying 50 incoming projectiles, the bulk of the trophies are tied to the online component, for winning 5 and 10 consecutive online matches, for winning an online match against a friend, for winning 10, 100 and 250 online matches, for tying a round in an online match, and more.

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Strikers Edge is a fun arcade-style release that takes the rules of dodgeball to give us a medieval arena-based release where blunt weapons and spells will be sent flying all over the place to try and get a headshot here and there for massive damage to win the match. The game’s colorful setting and tight gameplay mechanics give us a solid indie release on PS4, but even though it does include a single player campaign mode, its focus on multiplayer sessions and online gaming will keep some of you from playing this release.

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This Strikers Edge review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Playdius.


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Fun arcade-style medieval dodgeball game with a focus on MP