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[PlayStation 4] One Eyed Kutkh Review

[PlayStation 4] One Eyed Kutkh Review

From the studio behind Its Spring Again comes a new adventure centered around the paths of a one-eyed alien and an Eskimo boy. Will you come for easy trophies or its story? Find out in our One Eyed Kutkh review!


The story is first and foremost about an alien who ends up crashing his spaceship. On his quest to find the missing gear to repair his vehicle, he’ll end up causing a fight between the sun and the moon. This is where you’ll pick things up from the point of view of a young Eskimo.

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As far as gameplay is concerned, the best way to describe it would be point and click on rails. The point and click part is because you sometimes have to find items or pick and assemble things to proceed with the story. The on rails is because this is all done with predefined actions that appear on screen as action buttons you have to select. Yes, that goes for your movement as well. So basically, at some point you might only have the option to move left, and following that move be presented with only “move right” and “pick item up” as your options.

The visuals were nice to look at, with colorful 2D drawings that looked like they had been drawn by [talented] children. That extended even to the menus, that featured absolutely no text. As for the conversations in the game, which are triggered by the image actions you end up selecting, they are some kind of gibberish sounds or alien language that leave all the space in the world for you to interpret what is going on with the game’s story.

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Unfortunately, there are so many things I didn’t enjoy while playing this game. As soon as you start, you’re put into some kind of emergency situation with your spaceship, and you have four turns at pressing one of three buttons to try and solve things out. This changes absolutely nothing (except for unlocking a trophy, but more on that later). When you are about to take control of the Eskimo character, you’re actually given a choice between four individuals to control for the rest of the game. You’d expect that choice to actually have an impact, but the story does not change at all. It seemed to me as if those things were just put there to try and add some length to the game, but you can finish everything in around 30 minutes.


The rest of the game is pretty much on rails so there’s really not much you can do and “solve.” As for the story, it was designed to have you taking on the adventure from the character’s perspective, but there is so little to say during its short story that there isn’t much that’s up for interpretation. And since no choice has any impact on the story, there aren’t many reasons to go for another playthrough unless you missed some trophies (I’m getting there, there’s just that one last thing I need to say!).

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Then there are the menus. Oh, the menus… They are represented by images, no words or anything other than the images. The problem is, you can’t tell what they do! So in my case, I ended up restarting the game after selecting “something” (can’t tell what it was). While I understand the concept of leaving everything up for interpretation while playing, having menus that can’t be understood at a quick glance is a big design flaw.

Now for the good part, the trophies! While this game has no platinum, getting 100% of the trophies is very easy. There are a few “missable” trophies, but at 30 minutes per playthrough, you won’t need to take a week to focus on getting them all. Moreover, the trophy descriptions are clear enough to get an idea of what to do to get them.


Final Thoughts
While the game’s description promised something that looked like an epic adventure, One Eyed Kutkh fell flat. From the “on rails” aspect of the game to the actions with no consequence, it just wasn’t enough for me. But still, if you’re on the hunt for some quick and easy trophies, this is one to get.

This One Eyed Kutkh review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Sometimes You.


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