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[Beyond PlayStation] World Conqueror X Review

[Beyond PlayStation] World Conqueror X Review

World Conqueror X from Circle Entertainment is a massive strategy release on Nintendo Switch set during World War II. Learn more about it in our World Conqueror X review!


World Conqueror X offers a lot of content. It has two main campaigns set in World War II in Europe and the Pacific. You will get to experience the battles on both fronts, from the Axis and Allies fronts for a considerable variety of content on 40 standalone battles in Scenario Mode.

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The game plays similarly to a board game like Risk, only at a much bigger scale. The game revolves around moving various army units such as infantry, tanks and naval forces around a hexagonal map to try and destroy enemy units and capture their locations to win a scenario. Missions will have you defending cities for X number of turns, wiping out enemy forces and taking on their base.

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The differences between the European and Pacific campaigns is that, to me, the European battles feel a lot easier to play, and you’ll get some much needed help. For the Pacific maps, battles are harder and help is sparse. All scenarios will give you a good history lesson on World War II, learning valuable information on what went on during the actual events of the second war. Each scenario also features full commentary by the Generals, before you start and after the battle is over, so it’s a great way to dive into a solid history lesson in a fun experience.

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Each scenario awards you with stars based on the number of turns it takes you to complete objectives, and the more stars you earn the bigger the financial reward you get and the more medals you can secure. The money you earn can be spent on upgrading your units while medals are used to purchase famous Generals. This is important because placing a General on a unit will boost its overall strength, making it tougher to defeat – a well-placed General can sometimes be enough to win a scenario! Each win also raises your HQ level which allows you to gain access to better upgrades and better Generals.


And once you’re done with the campaigns you can tackle Conquest Mode in which you play as one of the available countries during 1939, or the countries in 1942. The map covers the entire world rather than a single territory, making each session considerably longer than the battles in Campaign Mode. It’s the perfect mode to go deep into strategy mode after learning everything about the game from finishing Campaign Mode, and definitely a nice bonus to the whole package.

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While the game, for the post part, can be easy to play if you have enjoyed similar games in its genre, there is a tutorial that you should definitely check out. It’s short and is three stages long, and while it won’t show you everything you need to learn, it will definitely give you some pointers for the basics to get you going.

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World Conqueror X is definitely a challenging release, but a fun one at that. The game isn’t graphically intense, but you wouldn’t expect that from a strategy release like this one. Playing docked makes it a bit harder to read the text on the TV screen, so I took this one on the go for an entertaining experience. The game offers touch controls as well which is always good to have when you’re in portable or tabletop mode. If you’re a fan of history-heavy strategy releases set during World War II, then you’re going to love World Conqueror X and should definitely get it on Nintendo Switch today!

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This World Conqueror X review is based on a Nintendo Switch review provided by Circle Entertainment.


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