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[Beyond PlayStation] Elliot Quest Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Elliot Quest Review
  • On March 22, 2018

Indie Metroidvania Elliot Quest from Ansimuz and PlayEveryWare is available for you to enjoy on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our Elliot Quest review!


Elliot Quest was previously released on the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, and has now been ported to Nintendo’s latest hybrid console. In this adventure, you play as the titular Elliot who is very ill. After his wife disappears, he decides to take his life… only to discover he can’t die. Seems that he has been cursed by the Satar, and if he doesn’t act fast and find a cure, he will end up becoming a Satar.

Elliot Quest Review - 1

This is why he sets out on a quest to find an end to his curse, a journey that will make him explore every area of the realm to find a solution to his bizarre situation. You will run and jump as you defeat enemies with your mighty arrows, saving your progress as you cross small tablets with a gem that will glow brightly once it has recorded your run. You will run into colorful blobs, deadly giant bats, peculiar floating eyeballs, poisonous frogs, indestructible spiky metal structures and more, so be sure to learn their movement and attack patterns as you find them or else you could be defeated in a few seconds.

Elliot Quest Review - 2

As you destroy enemies, you will gain XP which will allow you to level up. Every time you level up, you will gain skill points which you can assign to strength, wisdom, agility, vitality, and accuracy. You’ll need to balance things out since each skill point you add to an attribute will unlock a new benefit. For example, adding your first point to strength will allow you to increase your shooting range, so you should probably then use your next skill point to add to your agility so you can improve your shooting rate. The more points you use in a single stat, the more diverse the range of bonuses you will get from said skill – maxing out your accuracy will allow you to gain the chance of dealing shots that can kill enemies in one hit!

Elliot Quest Review - 3

For every area, you visit you will start to fill up a map as you explore each section, but you can also search for a map scroll that will let you know how many sections are in each area so you can plan accordingly. As a general rule, you should always first explore sections close to you which seem to lead to a dead-end since you might, for example, end up finding a much-needed key that will allow you to advance further into an area.


Every time you defeat an enemy you might get a heart to refill your hit point counter or a coin to add to your loot. Coins are very important since they can be used to purchase items from merchants, and you should always check out what they have to offer since all items can make a big difference for each of your runs. What if you’ve almost defeated a boss and only have one hit point left? Wouldn’t it be great to have a healing potion to heal your wounds so that you have a better shot at dealing that killer blow before the boss or one of its minions hits you? And if you spot a treasure, be sure to open it up since you will be rewarded with several coins at once which might be just what you need to purchase an expensive item that will be of great help in the next area.

Elliot Quest Review - 4

Since Elliot can’t die, every time you run out of hit points you will be taken to the last save stone you triggered, but you will be penalized by losing some of the XP you have collected. This is the game’s way of making sure you try to not be defeated since XP is very valuable since, as I’ve mentioned before, every skill point you get from leveling up and assign to your build will make a huge difference in your stats.

Elliot Quest Review - 5

As you defeat each of the game’s bosses, you will be rewarded with extra hearts for your overall hit point count, or you will also get access to new magical skills that will allow you to visit new sections of each area. For example, the first boss will reward you with an extra – and much needed – heart, but the second one will give you your first magical power so that you can turn into a whirlwind and use green bushes to traverse locations or to stun enemies so that you can deal some solid damage to enemies.

Elliot Quest Review - Boss

Elliot Quest is a solid indie Metroidvania with easy to learn gameplay mechanics and a ton of content to enjoy. This isn’t a small release you’ll be done in a handful of hours – it’s an epic quest that will take you 12-15+ hours to complete. If you’re a fan of 2D Metroidvania action/platformers, then be sure to give this one a go. Thanks to the Nintendo Switch’s nature you’ll be able to keep playing the game at home or on the go until you’ve managed to 100% this release.

This Elliot Quest review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by PlayEveryWare.


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