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[Review Revisited] Saturday Morning RPG

[Review Revisited] Saturday Morning RPG

Jump into a blast from the past with Saturday Morning RPG in our review revisited for this fun game!

Saturday Morning RPG Official Trailer

I got a chance to play Saturday Morning RPG last summer during a trip to the cottage. It was exactly what wanted from a game over the weekend, a short, but fun to play RPG. The game is a throwback to your childhood, with tons of references from GI Joe, Transformers, Back to the Future, Bad Christmas Specials, Micheal Jackson, and many many more. It somehow found a way to turn these into a unique RPG, that consistently had me smiling as I played it. The game was broken into episodes, making it easy to take a break in the action. I loved my time with the game and am hoping maybe we could see the return of it, using 90’s cartoons and themes as fodder.

Here is an excerpt of that Ceidz had to say back when he reviewed the game:

If you like retro games, you’ll have fun with Saturday Morning RPG, as long as you can forgive the game for the battle balance issues I mentioned. Its story spans over five episodes, which took almost 7 hours to complete.

Check out the original review right here.


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