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[PlayStation 4] Deiland Review

[PlayStation 4] Deiland Review

Deiland from Chibig is a colorful, charming and fun indie release on PlayStation 4 you should definitely check out. Learn more about it in our Deiland review!


Deiland was a game that had a Kickstarter campaign that was successfully funded back in 2017 for a PC and PS4 release. Deiland has similarities to games such as Stardew Valley and the Harvest Moon series, so you’ll be taking care of your land, crafting items and building your house. It’s a very sandbox-style release with 100 quests to complete, but in a very relaxing way. You play as a young boy called Arco who was created by the universe and sent to the planet Deiland to awaken the crystals that lie deep within it – a pretty big task for a small boy who lives alone on a planet with nothing on it except his tent and a small pond that he can fish in… once he has built a fishing rod!

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Various explorers will come and visit Arco and give him quests to complete. Gis first one is a woman called Mun who helps Arco get his land going, giving him some quests and recipes to get started. The game also has some RPG elements since Arco can level up and pick an attribute to increase while he sleeps during certain intervals in the game.

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Arco is free to roam the small planet and cut down trees or break rocks to find valuable minerals such as gold which would be worth a decent amount of coins once sold! He can sow seeds to grow his own food, and the game has some mild survival mechanics since he needs to eat to stay healthy, so don’t let his hunger meter fall too much! Arco can do whatever he wants whenever he pleases, so quests can be completed at any time – there’s no need to rush through each quest.


There is a day and night cycle, and a full day lasts just a few real-time minutes. There are a few enemies that are easy to defeat, and Arco reminds you that there are enemies nearby that need to be dealt with immediately – there are usually 2-3 every other day so be sure to use your hammer and hoe to get rid of them.

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Now let’s discuss something many of you out there want to know about: trophies! At launch there were several glitched trophies in the game since you could end up missing the first tier of trophies while properly unlocking higher tier trophies for mastering each of the activities in the game. The team at Chibig have been hard at work on patching the game so that players can get the Platinum trophy – yes, this one includes a Platinum trophy for your trouble!

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Deiland is a must-have indie release on PlayStation 4. It’s colorful, charming and relaxing, with plenty of things to do in this sandbox-style release. The game is fun, the graphics are polished and the music perfectly fits the overall experience. Arco and the game will probably remind you of The Little Prince, which definitely influenced the development team, so if you’re a fan of it then this one will definitely charm its way into your collection.

This Deiland review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Chibig.


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Colorful, charming and fun indie release