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[Beyond PlayStation] Toki Tori 2+ Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Toki Tori 2+ Review

Two Tribes is bringing their games to the Nintendo Switch, and now it’s the turn of Toki Tori 2+. Learn more about this must-have game in our Toki Tori 2+ review!


I was pleasantly surprised when Two Tribes brought Rive, their last game ever, to the Nintendo Switch, since I had figured that the company had said its final farewell. Rive wasn’t for me, but I do have to agree it is a very polished and fast-paced action game that others will find very enjoyable. The good news for me is that Rive’s Switch release meant that Toki Tori 2+ would soon be out for Nintendo’s hybrid console!

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The original Toki Tori was released a long time ago on the Game Boy Color, and it got a full remake on Wiiware many moons ago before being later ported to the Nintendo Wii U. Toki Tori 2 was initially launched for Wii U as an excellent puzzle platformer that was later improved, thus turning into Toki Tori 2+. The plus in the name exists because there were considerable improvements added to the formula, with rebalanced puzzles, a new hint system, and other extra stuff that make it the definitive version.

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You control the main character with the left analog stick, and the A button activated your whistle which can be used to play several melodies. The B button is used for stomping, which will affect the creatures you run into. Pretty simple , right? As you progress in the game the puzzles will get a bit more complicated, but the game does a great job at allowing you to learn new ways of interacting with creatures and the environments you visit. All puzzles can be solved if you give it a little thought, and none feel unfair or frustrating.


The creatures you interact with to solve puzzles are colorful and cute, and some are more friendly than others. While some will work with you to help you get to platforms that would otherwise be out of reach, others will do their best to hinder your progress, blocking your path or grabbing you with their claws and taking you back to their nest. Two buttons is all you will need to finish the game. For example, early on you will come across a crab in a box which you can then use as a platform, so you will need to whistle and stomp to place him just right to get to the other side.

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Puzzles will require some trial and error, and if you make a mistake you don’t need to worry since you can start all over again without any penalty. The game is very accesible to players of all skill levels, and there’s usually a simple and a more complex solution – if you’re very good at puzzle/platformers you might even end up “breaking” some sequences and progressing further into the game ahead of schedule.

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The game has a map that will allow you to fast-travel between areas as needed, which is always a pretty handy option. There are also plenty of checkpoints that will keep track of your progress, so as long as you make good use of the melodies you learn you will be good to go – there is even a song to reset a puzzles in case you make a mistake or two. The various melodies that you can play as you whistle reminded me of The Legend of Zelda series.

For its Nintendo Switch release Two Tribes makes good use of the system’s HD Rumble feature to make you feel like you’re inside the game. There’s also an in-game achievement system to mark the many milestones you reach, adding some extra things to do as you play.

Toki Tori 2+ Review - 5

Toki Tori 2 was a great puzzle/platformer on Nintendo Wii U, and for it’s Nintendo Switch release everything has been improved to give us the best possible version of the game to play at home or on the go. If you’re looking for a great puzzle/platformer for Nintendo’s hybrid console, then you need to get this one right now!

This Toki Tori 2+ review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Two Tribes.


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