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[PlayStation 4] Tiles Review

[PlayStation 4] Tiles Review

Tiles is a new puzzle game on PlayStation 4 that will task you with quickly stages by getting rid of the blue colored tiles. Learn more about it in our Tiles review!


There’s a considerable number of puzzle games on PSN, some good, and some that are complete rubbish. Tiles is part of the first category as a puzzle game with a simple concept and easy to understand gameplay mechanics but a difficulty curve that makes it a hard game to master.

Tiles Review - 1

The graphics for this one are minimalist, with nothing but colored tiles on the screen, the stages number and a timer to let you know how fast you’re completing a stage – oh and a “best time” to beat as you complete each puzzle. As you can imagine, there are trophies tied to beating the best time for the stages you will take on, but more on trophies later.

Tiles is a puzzle game that, if you’re not ready for it, will become very frustrating in a very short space of time. There is no tutorial, no story, nothing but the gameplay. You are introduced to new types of tiles as you progress in the game, so that you can get the hang of things before the difficulty jumps considerably thanks to the new tile that was introduced.

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There are 90 levels of puzzle s to complete, and that means you’ll run into the following tile types:

GREEN – The tile you begin at.
AZURE – These are your standard tiles, and you can go over them, and they will disappear after a second and change.
BABY BLUE – You can pass these colored tiles twice since after you move over one it will turn into an azure tile that will then vanish after you pass through it again.
BURGUNDY – This is the level exit. You need to get here after you’ve made all the azure tiles disappear.
ORANGE – These are your elevator tiles, and the speed at which they will rise and fall at different speeds depending on a stage’s setup.
NAVY BLUE – This colored tile stays and doesn’t vanish.
YELLOW – These tiles are on a timer and soon as you move the timer counts down and then these tiles vanishes for good.

Tiles Review - 4

Tiles is split into six chapters with 15 levels per chapter. As you complete each stage, you have a chance to immediately replay it in case you’re not happy with how long it took you to get to the exit. An interesting feature is that you can watch the replays of other players to see how they completed a stage, which is a very handy option, don’t you think?


There is also a level editor to enjoy, which means you can make your very own puzzles and upload them for others to play. The only rule is that you need to first complete a stage before you can upload it, which makes sense since uploading a stage that can’t be finished would be useless. You can also download the puzzles that other players have created for an infinite amount of content to play! More and more puzzles are uploaded every day, so I’m sure you won’t run out of puzzles to play.

Tiles Review - Editor

As for the trophy list, there is an interesting trophy, and that is for completing all 90 levels in one sitting without quitting the game or pausing or returning to the main menu. That’s right, doing anything of this will negate the trophy, so good look with that since it will take you hours of non-stop gaming to complete all puzzles in a single go. Along with that trophy, there are trophies for failing over 25 times on the same puzzle, getting off from a tile right as it was set to disappear, completing each set of 15 puzzles in the main mode, uploading a level you’ve created, and for playing a ton of puzzles created from other players.

Tiles Review - 5

Price-wise you’re getting a great deal for the amount of content on offer on Tiles, so if you’re looking for a fun puzzle game with simple gameplay mechanics to understand and a nice difficulty curve that won’t overwhelm you. As long as you’re patient and good with puzzle games, then you’re going to have a good time with this one. Something else I wanted to mention is that the game features cross-play with its PC version, so you can play puzzles that have been created by PC players, and the puzzles you create will be playable to those on PC an PS4, which is definitely a nice feature.

This Tiles review is based on a PlayStation 4 provided by Romans I XVI Gaming.


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Fun and simple tiles puzzle game