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[Beyond PlayStation] Penny-Punching Princess Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Penny-Punching Princess Review

Penny-Punching Princess is an interesting dungeon crawler where money is at the core of the gamapley. Learn more about this one in our Penny-Punching Princess review!


The story is about the Princess’s father getting up to his eyeballs in debt, which results in her losing her family and her country, and she is definitely looking for revenge. She goes out on a journey to seek her father’s greedy lenders: the Dragoloon family. The Princess will have to fight all who stand in her way, destroying everyone… or perhaps bribing them to make them go away!

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That’s right, the Princess can bribe her way out of battles, use money to bribe gates to open, and more! You’ll need to collect a ton of money to be able to succeed in this one, so be sure to make the most of the many treasure chests you’ll find during your quest, especially of those that are golden since they’re packing the best rewards.

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For each stage you’ll need to explore every floor in a set, and you can only progress by defeating every single enemy in a floor. Enemies aren’t the only one of your problems since you’ll also need to keep away from traps such as the fire-spitting holes dotted here and there! The difficulty ramps up steadily, and as long as you pay attention to your surroundings and take care of enemies in batches before they overwhelm you, then you’ll be on your way to revengeville.

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Combat is pretty easy to get the hang of since you have two types of attacks and you can button mash to chain combos as you perform switch and strong attacks. You can also dodge by pressing the Y button and can use the right analog stick to spin to squeeze money out of enemies before they disappear into oblivion where they belong! The Y and B buttons can be pressed together to push enemies back which is a great defense mechanic when you are low on health.


But, most importantly, you can buy your way out of trouble! Some enemies can be bribed with as little as 100G, and gates will open for you for as little 300G, so be sure to defeat as many enemies as possible and to spin to squeeze as much money out of them before they disappear so that you can start to amass a fortune. The cost of bribes will go up as you progress further into the game, but you will also be able to bribe hazards around you to help battle enemies as well!

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Here’s how bribes work: the Princess can bribe using her calculator which is displayed at the bottom right of your screen. When you want to bribe an enemy, the ZR button allows the Princess to pull out her calculator and you can then use the D pad to input the amount you want to use to bribe, hit the right trigger button when you are ready and then press A to hand the money over – it sounds more complicated than it really is.
You can also use the touch screen when playing on portable mode to speed things up.

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As you progress in the game you will need to be a pretty experience multi-tasker, so I suggest you practice as you go so that this gameplay mechanic becomes second nature and the tougher stages don’t feel frustrating. As long as you keep a good stack of money by your side and bribe the right enemies and hazards, you won’t run into any issues.

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Penny-Punching Princess is a very fun and rewarding dungeon crawler with humor that is quite good. The game’s design is impressive as well with charming and likeable characters that shine in their pixelated goodness. The game is worth every penny on Nintendo Switch, and it is a highly addictive release you should check out.

This Penny-Punching Princess review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Nis America.


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