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[PlayStation 4] The Adventure Pals Review

[PlayStation 4] The Adventure Pals Review

The Adventure Pals from Massive Monsters and Armor Games is a hilarious, charming and colorful platformer that is highly addictive. Find out why in our The Adventure Pals review!


Massive Monsters took The Adventure Pals to Kickstarter, and they managed to reach the funding goal back in 2016. They have now teamed up with Armor Games to bring the game to consoles, which was great for me since I’ve had a blast playing this one on PlayStation 4!

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The Adventure Pals is a sidescrolling action adventure in which you can level up and earn new skills as you go. You play as a boy with a sword who has a giraffe for a pet called Sparkles… and the giraffe seems to fit nicely in his backpack for some reason. The boy can ride on Sparkles from time to time as needed, to aid him on this particular quest.

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It’s your birthday and your dad has been kidnapped, so you need to find enough rubies to pay off the ransom fee so that you can get him back. You will then go and explore over 100 levels searching for enough rubies for this, and when there are a ton of things to collect, you know there’s a good chance that a game will have a Platinum trophy! That’s right, The Adventure Pals features a full trophy list, and you’ll need to collect a ton of rubies as well as several stickers which are hidden all over the place, not to mention some cupcakes that are also out there.

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Every level has one ruby, six cupcakes and a sticker, and if you get through each level without dying you get a big reward and a grade. The game is also encourages speedrunning, which is why there is trophy for completing an entire level in under three minutes. When I tried this for the first time I ended up missing the target by a few seconds, so I went back to try it again to cut down on my total time as I tried to find the best route through that level. I won’t spoil things here, but you are rewarded for playing levels as second time, so be ready!


Levels are not all that linear, since there is sometimes more than one route you can take to complete a level as you try to get all collectibles along the way, so you’re definitely going to spend some extra time with this one if you want to 100% it as you work towards unlocking that shiny Platinum for your collection.

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Combat is simple since you can definitely mash on the Square button to defeat an enemy or two since you can hit an enemy and send it flying towards other enemies that will in turn receive some damaged as well. There are many exploding golden barrels to which you can send enemies flying to instantly defeat them, and by defeating more and more enemies in a row you will get a combo going which will reward you with some extra XP so that you can level up some more. As you level up you will unlock various new perks like a bigger backpack, which I’m sure your pet giraffe will love!

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The only real issue I have with the game is with the jumping mechanic. Even though Sparkles is very handy with its helicopter ability, you need to be careful with it because combining it with, say, some wall jumping can make it tricky to land on the very small platforms you will find during your adventure. It’s nothing that some trial and error can’t help you with, but it’s something I did want to mention.

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The Adventure Pals is a lot of fun, with its great humor, colorful graphics and considerable amount of collectibles to find. You will take on several quests to level up and unlock new perks, which makes this a must-have indie release on PlayStation 4. Massive Monsters and Armor Games have done a great job with his one, and I look forward to seeing what their next game will bring to the table!

This The Adventure Pals review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Armor Games.


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Colorful, charming and fun platformer