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[Beyond PlayStation] Wild Guns Reloaded Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Wild Guns Reloaded Review

Wild Guns Reloaded is a revamped version of SNES classic from Natsume – a shooting gallery style release that is a blast to play. Learn more about it in our Wild Guns Reloaded review!


In the original game on the SNES, you could only select between Clint and Annie, but for Wild Guns Reloaded you can also select Bullet the Dachund and Doris, a hefty character with a ton of power at her disposal. You can also chance each character’s colors and even Bullet’s fur color, which makes for some interesting looks.

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As for the gameplay, in each section of a stage, you can move around the screen, roll to dodge the attacks of your enemies, or jump around to stay alive. Once you decide to shoot at an enemy, or at part of the scenery, you’ll be locked in place and won’t be able to move, which is dangerous since it will leave you vulnerable to attacks.

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Each stage has two areas and a boss fight to complete, which sounds easy but is anything but! Once you get started with a stage, the difficulty will ramp up considerably, and every life you lose you will desperately need when you face against the boss – that is if you can manage to get there in the first place. Enemy fire is bad for you, but so is running around, rolling and jumping without thinking things through, because you will probably end up landing over a stick of dynamite that is about to go off, or an enemy’s shot which is conveniently landing where you’re about to land.


You’re invincible while you start your roll and while you roll, but won’t be invincible anymore a soon as you land. You can shoot at enemy bullets in the air to get rid of them if you’re fast enough, but that means you’ll need to be extra careful to make sure your enemies aren’t attacking you while you defend yourself. Got all that?

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The types of enemies vary from Wild West style cowboys futuristic robots out to get you. Learning your enemies’ movement and attack patterns is a must if you want to defeat them and beat the game, and this goes double for the game’s bosses that are massive and dangerous. This isn’t a long game since you can definitely beat it in one sitting, and you actually need to since there is no way to save – you know, like back in the good old days of gaming.


Out of the four choices of playable characters Bullet the dog is the most nimble of them all, while Doris is the slowest one of the bunch. Annie and Clint, on the other hand, are very similar and feel very balanced when compared to the two newcomers. They’re all fun to play with, and you can definitely have fun doing multiple runs with each of the characters as your main.

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The game was previously release on PlayStation 4, so you know this one also includes the extra stages, extra bosses and extremely powerful special weapons of that version, but for its Nintendo Switch debut, Natsume has added some extra modes. If you feel that the game is a bit too hard, you can play in Beginner Mode which gives you unlimited lives so that you can definitely make it to the end. Along with this, there is also the Boss Rush: Time Attack in which you need to beat all of the game’s bosses one after the other. Are you good enough to beat them all? Can you beat your own best time as you replay this one over and over?

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Wild Guns Reloaded is a must-have on Nintendo Switch, especially if you’re a fan of the original Wild Guns on the Super Nintendo. The challenge of the original is still there, and the new stages, bosses, and weapons improve on the classic formula. The extra modes added on Nintendo Switch make this the definitive version, so be sure to get it today!

This Wild Guns Reloaded review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Natsume.


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