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[Beyond PlayStation] Lode Runner Legacy Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Lode Runner Legacy Review

Lode Runner Legacy is a new take on the beloved long-running series, now on Nintendo Switch. How does it fare on Nintendo’s hybrid console? Find out in our Lode Runner Legacy review!


Lode Runner Legacy, for those of you who are fans of the series, is an homage/revamp HD celebration now on Nintendo Switch. In this fun puzzle platformer action game you must collect all the gold on a stage while staying alive. You’ll need to avoid the deadly enemies out to get you, especially if you want to do a 100% run since you will need to complete each level without dying.

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The kicker is that you can’t jump. At all. That means you’ll need to be more creative with how you go about collecting all gold and avoiding enemies since you might end up being trapped between two brick blocks if you’re not careful… and that will definitely lead to your doom! Bricks can be destroyed with your handy gun to “dig through” them, but you need to be careful since blocks respawn. You might at first be opening up a path to some gold, only to realize that you’ve dug yourself into a path with no exit with enemies moving closer and closer for the kill.

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The game starts with simple levels so that you can get the hang of things little by little, but the game does include more complex stages that will require you to plan if you want to do a no death run. The good thing is that you can learn from your mistakes, memorizing the best route to take – you know, after dying a handful of times – so if you’re patient enough and persevere, you’ll find the solution to each stage.

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On top of the regular Adventure mode, you’ll also be able to play in Puzzle mode in which, as the name suggests, you’ll take on full-on puzzle stages that offer a nice challenge and a change of pace from the main mode. There’s also Classic mode where you can play 150 stages taken from previous games in the series, not to mention Craft mode in which you can create your own stages for the world to play! This means you can also play the levels created by players from all over the world, so you will definitely not run out of new stages to play. With all of this content, you will have a lot to play, which more than justifies it’s $11.99 price.

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As for the level editor, it is very fun and easy to use. You can design everything from scratch if you’re up for the challenge, or you can get going with some preset assets to speed things up. It’s a very robust editor that will let you create levels as good as those created by the development team, either by slowly creating all assets or by using those made available to you by the game, so be sure to give this mode a go!

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If you’re a fan of the Lode Runner series, then Lode Runner Legacy is a must-have on Nintendo Switch. But even if you’re new to it you should try this one out since it offers so many levels to play, a robust level editor, and the chance to play levels created from players around the world, making it an easy one to recommend.

This Lode Runner Legacy review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Tozai games.


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Very fun arcade/puzzle platformer