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[PlayStation Vita] Sir Eatsalot Review

[PlayStation Vita] Sir Eatsalot Review

Sir Eatsalot is a very fun puzzle platformer which uses everything that the Vita has to offer – and yes, that does include the back touchpad! Learn more about this release in our Sir Eatsalot review!


Sir Eatsalot is a knight who has been summoned by the King of Gluttington to battle
Hysterica, the evil woman who has decided to poison the land with her nasty, sour lemonade. It’s up to Sir Eatsalot to save the kingdom, chubby belly and all! The main character, and in fact all other characters and enemies in the game, are carefully animated as they move, giving us a great looking Vita game with gorgeous backgrounds to match the care placed on characters.

Sir Eatsalot Review - Hysterica

You will get to visit many colorful and charming locations, from cream mountains and lush forests to chocolate mines and more! As you explore you will come across NPCs you can talk to in your search for a way to nullify Hysterica’s sour lemonade, interacting with weird and cute creatures such as the Woolcow, a creature that looks exactly as its name suggests, walking, running, jumping and attacking as needed. The running is activated by double tapping on the same direction, and you need this extra momentum to clear some of the longer gaps in the game, so be sure to practice early!

Sir Eatsalot Review - 1

Sir Eatsalot has three hearts that represent his health, and each hit he receives will remove one heart. There’s a wide variety of fruit available to replenish his hearts… as long as its salty food! Sweets will instead refill your stamina bar, which you use up every time you run. No stamina means you can’t run, which might end up being a very bad thing if you’re trying to outrun danger!

Sir Eatsalot Review - 2

Along with using the face buttons you’ll also use the touchscreen to solve some puzzles, and you will also end up tapping on the many creatures and on the enemies you meet to take out your magic pen to draw over their outline to turn each creature into a sticker for your album. It’s a fun feature that adds a different way of getting collectibles in the game, and you will probably get most of them turned into stickers in a single try – except for the bigger ones since you’re racing against the clock! But don’t worry since if you fail the sticker mini-game you can just tap that creature/enemy again to give it another go.

Sir Eatsalot Review - Stickers

The trophy list for the game is super easy, and all trophies can be gotten in a single run since there’s a very specific “point of no return” until which you can get almost all of the game’s trophies… except for one! There’s a single missable in the game, and it involves a section in which you’re running over an exploding bridge and must grab all the cherries hanging over it in one go. If you fail to do this and get off the bridge, I suggest you drop into the pit to your left so that you’re brought back to the last checkpoint to give it another go, or else you’ll be forced to play the whole game again until the halfway point!

Sir Eatsalot Review - Missable Trophy

Sir Eatsalot is a funny and charming colorful puzzle platformer on PlayStation Vita that you should definitely try! The graphics, gameplay mechanics, light puzzles and a full trophy list with a Platinum will keep you playing until the end as you save the kingdom of Gluttington from the evil Hysterica!

Sir Eatsalot Review - 6

This Sir Eatsalot review is based on a PlayStation Vita copy provided by eastasiasoft.


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Colorfully charming 2D puzzle platformer