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[Beyond PlayStation] TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- Review

[Beyond PlayStation] TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- Review

TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- is a new version of TorqueL that is now available on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- review!


I got a chance to review the PSN version of TorqueL a while ago, and now I’m taking the new TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- version for a spin on Nintendo Switch. What’s new for this version with the new and extended title? The music has been redesigned and the game features HD rumble support that will let you know in what direction the box is extending.

TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- Review 1

I do have to warn you: TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- is a bit like marmite: you’ll either love it or hate it. This is a game that is definitely not going to appeal to everybody! There are 50 levels in the game, and the core gameplay mechanic has you using the face buttons to extend each of the sides of the box, which are color coded for your convenience, so that you can complete each of the puzzles you’ll face.

TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- Review 2

This is the main way in which you’ll be interacting with each area, and the further you progress in the game, the bigger of a difficulty bump you’ll face. You’ll start to run into more and more hazards that can instantly destroy you with a single touch. As you play each stage, you’ll get to learn the best route to finish a stage so that you can complete each of them in a speedy way, which I’m sure will please the speedrunning community.

TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- Review 3

The game does it’s best to be unique and stand out from the crowd by using movement in a completely different way. The first handful of levels will show you the way an allow you to get used to how you can control the box as you roll and extend your way to success. Getting from Point A to Point B is always the main goal, but the journey there is definitely going to test your skills!


One thing that hasn’t changed is the considerable delay between when you die and when you get to restart, which is definitely weird since you’ll die in this one a lot as you learn from your mistakes. I’ve played other games in which there’s definitely a speedrunning focus, and restarting is easy since you can press a button to instantly respawn.

TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- Review 4

The developers made a good decision to include full HD rumble support since having the rumble indicate in which direction the box is extending gives the game a very different feel when compared to the PSN version. I wouldn’t have minded some extra levels in the game or a new gameplay mode, but at least the HD Rumble addition is a welcome new feature.

TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- Review 5

TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- is an interesting puzzle game with a minimalist art style and a good challenge. The core gameplay mechanics are interesting and feel different from other puzzle games, and it’s a release that the speedrunning community will have a lot of fun with.

TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- Review 6

This TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Active Gaming Media.


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Fun but challenging puzzler