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[PlayStation 4] Death Road To Canada Review

[PlayStation 4] Death Road To Canada Review

Death Road to Canada is a roguelike in which you set out on a journey from Florida to Canada to try and survive a zombie outbreak. Learn more about this one in our Death Road to Canada review!


The game has a big focus on replayability due to how each run is randomized, so you’ll find different events and characters every time you do a new run to try and survive. The good news is that even though this is a roguelike, you do have a chance to sorta level up as you would in, say, an RPG, since you will be able to obtain skills and abilities to boost your performance that will be permanent.

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First and foremost the game is a long road trip action game set in the apocalyptic world where hordes of zombies are all over the place, trying to feast on your brain wherever you go. You will have to manage a car full of passengers and help those in need as you explore different towns and cities as you travel to Canada. The game can be tough and it can feel a bit overwhelming, so it’s definitely not going to appeal to everyone.

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Everything in the game is randomized, from the locations, the events you experience, the personalities of the characters in your group and those you’ll find, etc. The story also plays out differently, which is why I won’t go into that since it would be a big spoiler that would change the way you take in what Death Road to Canada has to offer.


You can explore many different locations, from warehouses and stores to, say, factories, as you try to find some much-needed and valuable loot that will include weapons, food, fuel and medkits, as well as special events, all as you try to recruit and build a team of zombie slayers, so to speak, so that you can be ready to at least defend against a zombie attack… but your goal could probably be to go on the offensive and attack everything that moves. You can also customize the stuff your characters carry, but you need to keep in mind that there is no inventory per se for your weapons, so you can only carry three things and a light. If you pick up a weapon you will automatically drop what you are holding unless you have a free slot, so do keep this in mind!

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There are alos survival mechanics at play since you can’t heal or eat food unless you are in your car, so while you’re out “in the field” you are at a higher risk. The decisions you make as you take on this journey will affect your characters, how tired or hungry they are, and how their traits, such as, for example, being able to heal others, come into play.

You will be making tough decisions, since some cities will be crawling with the undead – in the hundreds – and you will need to decide if going in is worth the hassle or if you can wait until the next area to search for food, weapons and other loot. But what if the city packed with zombies has a ton of very valuable items and the next city, which has less zombies, does not have any useful loot for your cause?

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The game is far from easy, death is around every corner, and the challenge will continue to increase as more days pass in-game, so if you’re not into this type of game then Death Road to Canada might not be for you. But if you give the game a chance you will find a solid pixeltastic zombie outbreak survival roguelike with a lot of content to enjoy. Will you survive or will your trip be cut short by the zombie horde?

This Death Road to Canada review is based on a PlayStation 4 code provided by UKIYO Publishing.


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