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[Beyond PlayStation] Super Toy Cars Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Super Toy Cars Review

Super Toy Cars is a tabletop arcade racer with weapons that is now available on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about this colorful release in our Super Toy Cars review!


Super Toy Cars is a fun, fast-paced arcade style game with tracks that are made up of all kinds of colorful stuff, with crazy and wacky designs. You will collect stuff as you run and get power-ups to help you get rid of your opponents as you aim at hitting the finish line in first place.

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The best place to start with this one would be Career Mode where you can take one of the available cars for a spin to find which suits your playing style as you run around the tracks learning their general layout and what you should avoid as you try to cut some valuable seconds from your overall time for each lap. On top of this, Career Mode offers different events you can take on, so there is plenty of reason to come back for more. You can also have short bursts of fun in a quick race with friends or the AI.

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Races are split into different groups, with elimination, standard races, time trials and special elimination events. As you race around laps you will find items boxes that provide you with weapons to get the best out of your competitors, from missiles to something a bit more bonkers like a giant eight ball. You can imagine how setting them off at the right time will greatly increase your chances of finishing a race at the top of the pack!

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There is a boost meter which you can fill by drifting around corners and once it’s ready for you to use you can trigger it to get a massive boost in speed. The money you earn from races can be spent on buying better cars, upgrade your car to perform better and, if you want your car to look cooler, you can even buy paint jobs.

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Super Toy cars looks great with colorful and bright visuals that are very charming. I got Micro Machines vibe from the game, which certainly isn’t a bad thing! As you race around each track you’ll see common items you’d find around your house, especially if you have kids, such as colorful building blocks, lamps, wooden train sets, skateboards, cans of soda, picket fences, soccer balls, fire hydrants, tires, cereal boxes, candy bars, and more!

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If you’re looking for a fun arcade-style racer on Nintendo Switch with colorful graphics and fast-paced gameplay then you should check out Super Toy Cars. This budget racer, at $9.99, offers some fun tracks to race around, an upgrade system, local multiplayer an online leaderboards to compete in, so be sure to give it a go!

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This Super Toy Cars review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Eclipse Games.


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Fun arcade-style colorful racing game