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[PlayStation 4] Wizard of Legend Review

[PlayStation 4] Wizard of Legend Review

Wizard of Legend from Contingent99 and Humble Bundle is an action-packed game that has founds its way to Sony’s PlayStation 4. Learn more about it in our Wizard of Legend review!

Wizard of Legend was successfully funded on Kickstarter, managing to reach its main goal and even hitting two stretch goals after it. Console ports were not in the developer’s mind at the start of the campaign, but here we are in 2018 and, thanks to the support of Humble Bundle, Wizard of Legend is now on PlayStation 4.

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In this roguelike, the Council of the Lanova kingdom annually holds the Chaos Trials, and whoever beats the trials will be crowned as the Wizard of Legend. The game is very much focused on gameplay, and the story is just there to set up what you’ll experience as a competitor in the Chaos Trials. You’ll be going through multiple dungeons in this fast-paced roguelike dungeon crawler with combat that is based on magical attacks by way of spell cards. You can chain spells together to create devastating combos to defeat your enemies, with several combinations thanks to the spells at your disposal. This being a roguelike, when you die you’re done for and will need to do it all over again.

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When you start, you will create your character, choosing between a male and a female character, and you will also end up picking a name you like. After that, you’ll start your adventure, finding many spell cards for your arsenal for melee and ranged attacks, as well as powering them with elemental charges – wind, fire, air, water, and lightning. Your main slots are basic, dash, standard, and signature, and after you complete the tutorial dungeon, you will select spells to put into your four slots. As you progress, you can change them to suit your playing style from the wide range of options.


You can do the heavy lifting or summon powerful allies to do your bidding. Don’t like playing alone? Then you’ll be happy to learn there is a couch co-op option so that you and a buddy can jump in and take on the chaos trials together. The good thing is that when an ally is down, you can defeat several enemies on your own for a chance to get your buddy back into play, so even in defeat, all is not lost. The local co-op is very nicely done, and is a great plus for the game.

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You need to battle your way through multiple dungeons, defeating all enemies and collecting all the spells and relics on your path before proceeding to the next challenge. As you complete each area, the challenge will ramp up, with enemies becoming more powerful and thus more dangerous, so you will need to adjust your skills and playing style to match the increasing power of your enemies. The dungeons are procedurally generated, making each play a brand new game, and since combat is in real time, you and your enemies are constantly on the move, trying to deal as much damage as possible.

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You will also find relics, rare magical items that were created by past wizards, which have unique ways of enhancing your arcana, and they also have a number of different effects – some good, some bad. Vendors also sell them, so you won’t only find them inside of treasure chests in the dungeons you visit. Mimi the talking treasure chest stores all your relics so that you can view them at your leisure – there are tons of them to find and collect!

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Wizard of Legend is a fun, action-packed roguelike with massive dungeons and plenty of loot to collect. Along with the regular enemies, you will also run into deadly bosses, so be ready to take on them with the best spell cards at your disposal. There’s a Platinum trophy for you if you persevere, with your first trophy unlock for completing the tutorial, and then you need to defeat each of the bosses, unlock the many arcana and relics in the game, and there’s even a speedrun trophy for completing the Chaos Trials in 30 minutes, so good luck with that!

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This Wizard of Legend review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Humble Bundle.


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Very fun roguelike magic-based action release