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[Beyond PlayStation] The Fall Review

[Beyond PlayStation] The Fall Review

The Fall from Over The Moon Games is now available on Nintendo Switch so that you can play the full story so far. Learn more about this port in our The Fall review!


The Fall is a point and click adventure game with a heavy focus on its story, so I will refrain from giving away too much in this review. It is the first part of a trilogy, and in this first episode you will be introduced to an AI combat suit who must seek medical help for the pilot inside her who is not well after their vehicle crashed.

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The sentient combat suit is known as A.R.I.D., and she follows three very important programming rules: she has to be obedient, she must always protect her pilot whatever the cost, and she must not misrepresent reality. If she fails to adhere to those rules, then she would be deemed as not fit for duty and would need to be reformated. During the course of the game you will see A.R.I.D. struggle with her programming, but how she deals with it and what becomes of her and her pilot is up to you to find out on your own!

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You are given a light so that you can use it to explore the environment, and as it happens in other point and click adventure games, you will find items along the way that will help you solve puzzles, make decisions that will affect the outcome of the episode and potentially affect how the future episodes play out. Every choice you make has consequences, so be sure to think about your decisions! The puzzles in the game are mostly logic-based, so they’ll provide a nice challenge for you to take on. You can click on objects of interest that are marked with small icons, and as you explore you will run into some dead ends and will need to solve some puzzles to open the access to areas that at first seemed to be completely out of reach.

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The episode is around 4-5 hours long depending on your previous experience with the point and click adventure genre, and it really packs a punch, with some solid story-telling, great voice acting for A.R.I.D. that makes you connect with what is basically an artificial intelligence, and the music is very moody and creepy at times, fitting the narrative flow of the game. The Fall had a small goal during its run on Kickstarter, and the team from Over the Moon Games definitely delivered with this first slice of the trilogy.

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You should definitely dive into the universe of The Fall with this first slice so that you can then carry on with the story in The Fall Part 2: Unbound, a game I enjoyed when I played it for my review, and which is also available on Nintendo Switch as well as on PlayStation 4 – it offers an adventure that is twice as long and that sets things up for the final entry in the trilogy… which will hopefully release soon because I can’t wait to see how the story ends!

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This The Fall review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Over The Moon Games.


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Fun sci-fi point and click adventure game