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[PlayStation 4] Always Sometimes Monsters Review

[PlayStation 4] Always Sometimes Monsters Review
  • On May 21, 2018

Always Sometimes Monsters from Vagabond Dog and Devolver Digital is a story-driven release on PlayStation 4 you should check out. Find out why in our Always Sometimes Monsters review!


Your story will start, after selecting to play as a male or a female character, at a party in which you’ll end up selecting who your significant other is – with the option of him/her being of the same sex as your main character. The story then starts to unfold: you get a chance to write a book, which is exactly what you want to do, and for this you’re going to get a considerable advance, so OF COURSE it is time to celebrate! Unfortunately, things aren’t always as easy or as good as they first seem, as you’ll see once you get to the next scene after some time has passed.

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You’ll be alone in your apartment, and stuff has definitely not gone as you had planned. You’re single, after what seems to have been a nasty breakup, you still haven’t finished your book, you’re pretty much broke, have barely any food to eat, and need to come up with a way to pay the rent you owe or else you’ll be evicted from the one room space you’re living in. You set out to try to find enough money to pay rent, but things take a weird turn as you go… until things really get bad when you suddenly receive an invite to your ex’s wedding. Yes, seriously.

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As you can imagine, this makes your character’s head explode, and he/she starts to read too much into the situation. Is the invite a way to rub things in? Or is it a signal for you to travel to the wedding to stop it from happening because he/she is actually meant to be with you? This is as far as I’ll go into talking about the game’s story because experiencing it is half the fun in this game.

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The other half is the interactions you’ll have with the NPC you’ll meet, the “quests” you’ll have to complete along the way, the many things you can buy to eat so that you can keep your body healthy (because everything you do uses up some of your stamina so you need to recover that stamina with food and drinks), the figurines you can purchase and collect (and you can get some of them as rewards or while exploring each area you visit), etc. The main focus is definitely on the story and the big walls of text you’ll be reading during your time with this one – without reaching visual novel volumes of text – but the extra stuff you can do as the story progresses do help to keep things interesting.

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Always Sometimes Monsters is a hefty adventure in which you will spend around 10-12 hours before you can get to one of its endings. The good news for trophy hunters is that all trophies are unmissable and are awarded through story progression, so be sure to enjoy your time with the game since you don’t have to worry at all about the trophy list. The bad news for trophy hunters is that this one does not have a Platinum trophy, but hopefully that is not a deal-breaker for you since you’d be missing out on a great journey.

Always Sometimes Monsters Review - 5

This Always Sometimes Monsters review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Vagabond Dog.


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Engaging story-driven modern adventure