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[Review Revisited] Batman Arkham Origins

[Review Revisited] Batman Arkham Origins

It’s Christmas Eve and what do criminals in Gotham think most about of taking out the Batman. Black Mask has put a $50 million bounty on his head and all of the criminals are out in full force attempting to collect. Can you survive until Christmas morning to unwrap your presents??

Batman: Arkham Origins Official Trailer

Batman Arkham Origins was an offshoot of the Rocksteady Developed Arkham games. This one was developed by WB Montreal and didn’t quite get the same critical praise that the first two in the series got. I appreciated that WB Montreal did try some different things including crime scenes investigating and keeping the story tighter than Arkham City. Plus the game might have the best boss fight in the entire Arkham Franchise against Deathstroke.

Here is an excerpt of what EdEN had to say back when he reviewed the game:

Batman: Arkham Origins is not a perfect game, but it’s still above and beyond what other companies have released in 2013. The combat is fun (but features a different timing window) and the new crime scenes are a nice step in the right direction and the story for the game enhances the Batman mythos leading into Arkham Asylum. With a single player mode that closes in on the 10 hour mark. Add the multiplayer mode to keep you busy right after that, and the game offers a lot of content for your investment.

Check out the original review right here.


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