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[Beyond PlayStation] Super Daryl Deluxe Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Super Daryl Deluxe Review

Super Daryl Deluxe is a 2D Metroidvania with RPG elements from indie team Dan and Gary Games, featuring a hilarious and wacky story. Learn more about it in our Super Daryl Deluxe review!


Daryl has just started going to a new school, and he wants to make some new friends. As he interacts with everyone else, the NPC will talk to him, but he won’t talk to them, which is weird since you’d think that if students at your new school kept disappearing, you’d be quite chatty about it! Strange wormholes are appearing left, right and center, and it’s up to the silent 1970’s gear wielding Daryl to figure out what is going on.

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As the story progresses, things will only get weirder! I had a lot of fun with the game and laughed here and there along the way thanks to the witty writing and the cartoony look of the titular Daryl and the colorful cast he meets in this adventure. You’ll meet with your fellow kids at school, or with Count Dracula and Death… you know, the usual.

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Your new High School is the main hub for the game, and the classrooms are the dungeons of the game. Each class is very different from the rest, and it is this rich variety of setups, settings, and characters that keep the game’s story and its action remain fresh from start to finish. You might think this is a short indie game, but you’re looking at around 12-15 hours or so to see everything the game has to offer.


You have tons of enemies to dispatch and many sidequests to complete along with the main adventure. A lot is going on in this one, and you might at some point get a bit lost, so I suggest you pay attention to the side-quest or main quest you’re taking on so that you don’t end up going down the wrong path. This wouldn’t be a Metroidvania without a lot of backtracking, so be ready for that!

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The combat system is fun and requires some planning on your end since the skills you use in combat have cooldown periods of varying degrees, so you won’t be able to spam them over and over again. Skills with a shorter cooldown period are generally weaker, but at least they can be used at a steady pace, but every now and then you do need to unleash a more powerful skill to help you defeat a group of enemies that are giving you trouble.

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Your skills are mapped to just about every button you can think of except for the B button which is used to jump onto higher platforms. The skills you will end up unlocking by the end of your run will be weird and crazy, and there are many skills to choose from, so you’ll definitely be able to find the combination that best suits your playing style.

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Super Daryl Deluxe has a lot to offer. It’s charming and very fun from start to finish, with a weird story that will make you smile along the way. The team at Dan and Gary Games has done a great job with this release, and I definitely look forward to seeing what they do with their next release… and I wouldn’t mind a sequel to this one or a game in the same genre!

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This Super Daryl Deluxe review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Dan and Gary Games.


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Quirky, weird and fun Metroidvania wtih RPG elements