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[Beyond PlayStation] The Way Remastered Review

[Beyond PlayStation] The Way Remastered Review

The Way Remastered, as the name suggests, is a revised and improved version of the game, now available on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about this story-driven release in our The Way Remastered review!


You play as grieving widower Major Tom, a scientist on a mission to try and find a way to bring his beloved wife back from the dead. In the beginning you see Major Tom at her graveside, where he proceeds to dig her up, putting her into a Cryogenic chamber to preserve her body and keep it from decomposing while he tries to find a way to resurrect her. This will involve solving the many puzzles the game has to offer as well as battling your way through the bosses you will face.

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You have different abilities that will help you solve various puzzles, one of which is telekinesis. The puzzles are varied, and while some are very easy to solve others will challenge, big time. You will also encounter some enemies on your journey, and you will have to use your trusty blaster to stay alive. I really liked the blaster and how you can use laser to mark your enemies before firing. You can pull out the laser and aim with the right analog stick and fire with the trigger buttons, and as long as you mark an enemy then your shot won’t miss – something I was very happy with.

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You will visit many locations, each one completely different from the last one, and they’re all beautiful with lots of details. There are waterfalls and deserts, with some very animated backdrops that really show the efforts of the development team to bring this world to life. It looks great on the TV and it looks just as good when playing on the Nintendo Switch’s screen.

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The game is also fully voiced, which is a nice bonus, and I also have to mention the superb HD Rumble support of the game. The HD Rumble implementation for this one is quite powerful, and it greatly complements the actions and the puzzle solving aspects of the game.

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The Way Remastered features an in-game list of objectives for you aim for which add some extra replay value to the game if you want to 100% it. The list is creative and it allow you to enjoy the game in a different way. You can also enjoy the game’s music via the included music player, which is nice since a lot of the songs are quite good.

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The Way Remastered on the Nintendo Switch is as solid adventure that I definitely recommend you check out. The attention to detail is quite rich for each of the different locations you visit, and the puzzle solving and shooting mechanics will keep you engaged from start to finish. I had fun playing this one for review, and I look forward to seeing what else SONKA brings to Nintendo Switch!

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This The Way Remastered review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by SONKA.


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Interesting and great looking adventure game