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[PlayStation 4] Infernium Review

[PlayStation 4] Infernium Review

Infernium is a weird, bizarre, and gorgeous first person adventure now on PlayStation 4 from indie Carlos Coronado. Learn more about it in our Infernium review!


Infernium is kind of a MYST like experience in which you are transported into a mysterious gothic-like world. You can only do two things: dash and collect glowing energy spheres. And then you realize that you have no way of defeating the enemies you run into, which means you need to run away from them before they kill you. This isn’t an easy game but it’s not a frustrating release either.

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As you explore you’ll notice that the energy spheres you collect do not respawn, which means that you need to be careful about what you use them for. The good news is that any doors and barriers you activate will remain like that and won’t be reset, but this includes the doors that are used to seal enemies away from you, so you do need to close those again if an enemy is too close for comfort.

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Some areas are large some are small, and the whole thing is pretty much a non-linear experience, and you’ll need to pay attention to your surroundings in each area since you might end up getting lost as each area within itself might feel a bit too similar. The game has been described as Pac-Man in hell, which sorta makes sense since the energy spheres dotted around the game do have a certain resemblance to the dots in a game of Pac-Man, and some areas of the game do feel rather hellish. If you want to beat the game you will require a lot of patience and skill to solve the puzzles in the game since this is definitely not a short adventure! This is not a journey you can finish in a single afternoon, even more so since danger is around every corner.

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The indie developer says this one is a horror game, which is sorta true in some areas of the game when the eerie music, the dark environments and the deadly enemies combine. In fact, the eerie music is how you’ll realize that there’s an enemy close to you, so you’ll need to plan a fast way to escape from danger. And if an enemy hits you, you will be seeing red patches across the screen that look like blood.

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As for its graphics, the game is certainly gorgeous with a lot of attention to detail that makes locations shine. Looking at the sand and the ocean, feeling the calm around you, to then be transported to a very different, rocky and dangerous location will keep you marveling at all the hard work that went into bringing this game to life. So if you’re looking for a non-linear, differently structured game, be sure to check out Infernium on PlayStation 4, a game where danger lurks around every corner!

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This Infernium review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Carlos Coronado.


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Weird and beautiful first person exploration adventure