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[PlayStation 4] Tennis World Tour Review

[PlayStation 4] Tennis World Tour Review

Tennis World Tour, a very fun sports game from Breakpoint Studios and Maximum Games is now available on PlayStation 4. Come learn more about this one in our Tennis World Tour review!


I am a fan of tennis video games, having played a lot of Virtua Tennis 4 and Top Spin, franchises that have gone MIA for a while now. Luckily Tennis World Tour is now on PlayStation 4 in a Standard Edition and Legends Edition which, as expected, includes legendary players such as Andre Agassi and John McEnroe, as well as extra skill points and some stuff to customize your player. Is the game worth your time and money?

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The answer is yes. I had a lot of fun playing the game, even if it’s not without issues such as a minor input lag which was quickly rectified by the team with an update. The other thing you might need some extra practice with is being able to hit the ball just right so that it goes in the direction you want it to go, but other than that the game was very easy to learn.

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Tennis World Tour offers up a realistic tennis experience with authentic looking courts, from grass to clay, outdoors and indoors. The tutorial mode is excellent, especially for newcomers to the genre, since it teaches you about serving, movement, twisting your shots, and more. The tutorials also carry on into Career Mode since some of the advanced stuff doesn’t unlock until have completed certain stuff. The tutorials are really well done and easy to follow.


There are exhibition matches available to get you started, which is similar to a practice mode, to prepare you to take on the main Career Mode. For exhibition matches, you select how many sets to play and then just practice, practice and then practice some more so that you can dive into Career Mode with some proper experience under your belt.

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Career Mode feels a lot like Virtua Tennis, which is definitely a good thing! You have a mix of cup matches, exhibition matches, and exercises in each month. Some of these earn you money which you need to enter certain matches, and you have to manage your schedule each month for an entire season. Career Mode is a multi-season mode, and you start at being seed 100, with your goal being to reach seed number 1, which is going to take a lot of hard work and commitment on your part!

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As you play, you can hit flat shots, do lobbing/underhand serves, and you can also do slice shots and top spins. The back and forth of tennis is where it’s at, and you’ll need to always be on the move to try and anticipate where your opponent is going to send the ball. Playing the game is key since you’ll slowly but surely start to get better at spotting where a ball can go when hit back, so you’ll end up being “in the zone” as you play more and more.

In Career Mode you will also be able to train under different coaches, unlocking more as you go, and each coach has different skills and stats to offer. Some will help you to develop a certain play style, while others might focus more on your overall fitness, so you’ll be able to make the most of what each one has to offer to develop your character in Career Mode. You will also meet agents who will offer different things to help you on your path to greatness.


There is a player creator you can use if you don’t want to take on any of the preset players, and you can pick your own character, body build, and more. It’s not a very in-depth character creator, which is not a deal breaker. Something you do need to focus on, since it offers a deeper system, is on the racquets you use since they matter a lot as they can increase or decrease the stats on your spins, how you hit the ball, etc., so you definitely want to make a habit of checking any new racquets that you unlock as you play to see if they’re better for how you’re playing. There’s a bit of an RPG vibe in the game since as you level up you unlock new slots in which you can place new skills, skills of which you unlock a wider variety as you go. You only have a limited number of slots available at all times, so you’ll need to experiment to find out which mix is best for you.

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The game can right now be enjoyed at home, but there’s also an online mode that will be available next week that will allow you to take on players from all over the world. Something else that is also releasing later this year (the team has said “during the summer”) is a doubles mode which will be a welcomed addition – something that I would have liked at launch but that I will undoubtedly enjoy at a later date.

Despite the game’s flaws, Tennis World Tour is an entertaining take on the world of tennis. Once the online play is live next week, and when the doubles mode is added, this will be a very robust option for fans of the sport to take on some quick exhibition matches or on the deep Career Mode on their path to number 1.

This Tennis World Tour review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Maximum Games.


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