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[PlayStation 4] Dungeon Rushers Review

[PlayStation 4] Dungeon Rushers Review

Dungeon Rushers is a very fun tactical turn-based dungeon crawler that puts a humorous twist to things. Learn more about it in our Dungeon Rushers review!


You play as Elain who has big ambitions and wants to become an explorer, but his boss doesn’t think he will achieve much. Because of this Elain sets out on a big adventure to prove his boss wrong, so he goes dungeon crawling to make his dream come true, and in the process it wouldn’t hurt if he gets some fame, glory, and fortune, right? Can Elain succeed?

Dungeon Rushers Review - 1

During his adventure, he will meet new companions to join on his quest, ten in total really, and you can select from them to have a party of five. There is room for experimentation so that you can see who you like best and who works best for the battles you’re running into. The game has a ton of dungeons you’ll visit and take on in a turn-based system in which each character takes their turns, and then the enemies take their turns. Your task is simple: eradicate all enemies and reap your rewards.

Dungeon Rushers Review - Battle 1

Before you go into a room, you can see beforehand who you will be fighting, and you can see what their weaknesses are, which is a great feature since you can plan what you’re going to do to exploit their weaknesses while making sure they don’t get the upper hand. As with any RPG, you can use close range melee combat or attack from long range with, say, a bow and arrow or with powerful spells that will help you defeat your enemies.


Combat is straightforward due to its turn-based nature, and as you level up, you will learn new skills which will come in handy as you progress from dungeon to dungeon since enemies will become tougher, and this does mean that some grinding will be required here and there. You won’t need it for the first few dungeons which sort of work as an extended tutorial.

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Each dungeon is made up of squares you traverse from a top-down view, and each time you revisit, the layout will change due to the procedural nature of the game, which removes some of the tediousness usually associated with grinding. Each dungeon has four challenges and completing them all you will unlock Heroic mode for each one, giving you another reason to replay them. If you want the Platinum trophy, then Heroic Mode will be a required journey.

Each of the ten characters has his/her skill tree to which you can add points to make characters stronger and ready for the tougher dungeons. The skills the characters have are very varied, so you can build a team to your liking using the many combinations of skills at your disposal. I would recommend always having a character who can disarm traps since all dungeons have traps that can deal considerable damage to you if you’re not prepared.

Crafting is present in the game, and you can craft new items, new weapons, and armor from the loot you find, so don’t sell anything since you never know what you might need to craft. There are also merchants you can buy stuff from, and the more money you spend, the better the loot you’ll get… from gambling! It’s a fun little distraction, and I think this could have been a separate mini-game that could be expanded on.

Dungeon Rushers Review - Crafting

Dungeon Rushers is a fun and very addictive turn-based dungeon crawler you’ll have a lot of fun with on PlayStation 4. There’s a ton of content to enjoy, several characters to create your party with, and their separate skill trees and unique skills will allow you to find the right combination for the hundreds of battles you will take on, which makes this a solid dungeon crawler with a good asking price for the many hours of fun you’ll get out of your purchase.

Dungeon Rushers Review - Battle 2

This Dungeon Rushers review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Plug In Digital.


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Very fun turn-based strategy dungeon crawler