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[Beyond PlayStation] A Normal Lost Phone Review

[Beyond PlayStation] A Normal Lost Phone Review

A Normal Lost Phone from Accidental Queens, Seaven Studio and Plug In Digital is an interesting experience on Nintendo Swithc. Find out why in our A Normal Lost Phone review!


A Normal Lost phone is certainly a different type of game. I was expecting a point and Click game, but instead upon booting the game for the first time you are greeted with a mobile phone screen and prompted to read four messages. It quickly becomes apparent that you are looking at someone else’s phone, and that is what the game is about. You have accidentally found someone else’s mobile phone, but there is no internet connection, and no credit so you are unable to make use of the mobile phone’s wifi capability or phone any of the contact numbers in the contacts list.

A Normal Lost Phone Review - 1

You are prompted to read the last four messages from “dad.” You, as the player, instead of handing it to the local police, like any responsible person would do, you decide read the four text messages to see what you can find about its former owner. Thanks to this you learn that the phone belongs to someone named Sam who has recently celebrated a birthday… but Sam has now gone missing, whereabouts unknown. The whole family seems to be worried about the situation at hand, but is there something you can do about it?

A Normal Lost Phone Review - 2

Trawling through someone’s phone without their permission is a gross invasion of privacy and is illegal in the UK so, to me, even doing this in a game as I checked Sam’s phone felt wrong. Anyway, you end up reviewing more and more information as you start to put the pieces together to find out more about Sam. You’ll read conversations with different people, find passwords to discover and unlock more and more content from the phone. Once you can use Wi-Fi you’ll be able to read the emails… and more. I won’t spoil more of the game since it’s a short two hour experience.

A Normal Lost Phone Review - Wi-Fi

You can play the game in Handheld Mode in portrait format, with buttons and the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen, so you have both of these options when your Nintendo Switch is undocked. I played the game both docked and undocked, and both control options do their job right. You’ll use these to interact with the game to solve some puzzles which I’m not going to mention here since they’re not difficult and they’re part of the gameplay mechanics you need to experience.

A Normal Lost Phone Review - 3

A Normal Lost Phone is a short experience that is different from the other games currently available on Nintendo Switch that you should definitely check out. The story is very compelling, even if the overall game feels a tad wrong since it’s us invading the privacy of Sam, but it’s certainly worth your time and money.

A Normal Lost Phone Review - 5

This A Normal Lost Phone review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Accidental Queens.


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