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[Beyond PlayStation] Jumping Joe and Friends Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Jumping Joe and Friends Review
  • On June 19, 2018

Jumping Joe and Friends from Vixa Games and QubicGames is a 2D platforming release with very easy controls that is great for the young ones in the family. Learn more about it in our Jumping Joe and Friends review!.


The game includes an Arcade Mode, a Multiplayer mode, a Race Mode and a Hero Mode. Race Mode and Hero Mode are locked and you must either reach as specific score or obtain a ton of crystals during your jumping adventure. Controls are simple and to the point since you only need to worry about jumping left or right by pressing the L or R or the ZL or ZR buttons. You can also jump left by pressing left on the D-Pad and jump right by pressing the A button if you feel that is a better fit for you.

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There are items along the way which you can collect to help you carry on. You can, for example, find a rocket inside of a box, and collecting it will send you flying high superfast so that you can clear several platforms in one go. There are also extra lives so that, if you make a mistake, you can carry on where you died. There’s also a bomb that gets rid of all the hazards on the screen, or a magnet that is very useful since it will help to attract the diamonds you need to collect as you.

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As you jump around towards higher platforms, you’ll need to avoid hazards such as spikes or spinning buzzsaws, not to mention that you can’t stick around a single platform for too long since there’s some nasty and deadly lava rising below you, just waiting for you to take too long to jump to the next platform. You might reach spots where there seems to be no way to carry on since there are spikes everywhere, but as soon as you land on a platform below them a path will open for you. There are also enemies that will get in your way, so be ready to avoid bats that fly around in specific patterns, usually trying to get in your way so that you get stressed and make a mistake. Oh, and cannons that shoot fire. You know, the usual.

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There are several characters to unlock so that you can use them during each run as you make the most of their extra abilities. Joe, the regular character, can only take one hit, but there are other characters who might start with a speed boost, who can destroy obstacles with a bomb when angry, another one that attracts diamonds with double value, another one that can catch a bat to gain protection, one that when collecting diamonds can obtain power-ups, and more. It’s a fun system that increases replay value and that will keep kids busy as they try to unlock all characters. You can also upgrade characters, so you have a lot of things to do with the diamonds you collect.

Jumping Joe and Friends is a fun arcade-style minimalist platformer that is fun in short burst as you try to beat your high score, collecting a ton of diamonds along the way. Those of you with kids will get the most out of your purchase since your little ones will have a lot of fun as they give it their best effort.

This Jumping Joe and Friends is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by QubicGames.


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Fun arcade-style platformer